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Italian midterm 1

see you soon a presto
what time is it? che ora e? che ore sono?
never mai
sometimes ogni tanto
often spesso
always sempre
listen senti/senta
too early troppo presto
too late troppo tardi
to go andare
to open aprire
to close chuidere
to arrive arrivare
to listen to ascoltare
to dance ballare
to drink bere
to understand capire
to eat dinner cenare
to look for cercare
to forget dimenticare
to sleep dormire
to do, to make fare
to eat breakfast fare colazione
to stay up late fare le ore piccole
to play sports fare lo sport
to ask a question fare una domanda
to take a photo fare una foto
to take a walk fare una passeggiata
to have a snack fare uno sputino
to do yoga fare yoga
to finish finire
to attend frequentare
to play giocare
to look at, watch guardare
to wash lavare
to work lavorare
to read leggere
to pay pagare
to talk, to speak parlare
to practice practicare
to prefer preferire
to pray pregare
to take prendere
to clean pulire
to write scrivere
to serve servire
to study studiare
to play suonare
to return tornare
to leave a place, to exit, to go out uscire
to come venire
piano il pianoforte
cafeteria la mensa
plate il piatto
shopping lo shopping
money i soldi
telephone telefono
cell phone telefonino
to begin iniziare
to come home rientrare
to explain spiegare
magazine la rivista
vacation le vacanze
violin il violino
Do you feel like...? ti va di...?
Created by: alexadianna