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Music History Test 3

Chapters 9-12

Franco-Flemish Genres masses, chansons, motets, chorale, metrical psalm, anthems
Deudsche Messe German Mass - published by Luther in 1526 - followed the main outlines of the Roman Mass but differed from it in many details and replaced most elements of the Proper and the Ordinary with German hymns
chorale German for "chant" - strophic hymn in the Lutheran tradition, intended to be sung by the congregation
metrical psalm metric, rhymed, and strophic vernacular translation of a psalm, sung to a relatively simple melody that repeats for each strophe
anthem a polyphonic sacred work in English for Anglican religious services
Service a setting of Anglican service music, encompassing specific portions of Matins, Holy Communion, and Even song.
contrafactum the practice of replacing the text of a vocal work with a new text while the music remains essentially the same; or the resulting piece
chorale motets chorale setting in the style of a 16th century motet
cantional style "songbook" Manner of setting chorales in chordal homopony
psalters a published collections of metrical psalms
full anthem anthem for unaccompanied choir in contrapuntal style
verse anthem anthem in which passages for solo voice(s) with accompaniment alternate with passages for full choir doubled by instruments
Great Service melismatic, contrapuntal setting of texts
Short Service syllabic, chordal style (homophonic)
hazzan the synagogue cantor in Jewish communities
motto mass Polyphonic mass in which the movements are linked primarily by sharing the same opening motive or phrase
canon voices sing same melody, but enter at certain times. Can sing at different speeds simultaneously.
mensuration canon a canon in which voices move at different rates of speed by using different mensuration signs
points of imitation passage in a polyphonic work in which two or more voices enter in imitation
lied German text, polyphonic or monophonic and later voice with accompaniment
text depiction using musical gestures to reinforce or suggest images in a text, such as rising on the word "ascend"
text expression conveying or suggesting through musical means the emotions expressed in a text
imitation mass (parody mass) polyphonic mass in which each movement is based on the same polyphonic model, normally a chanson or motet
paraphrase mass polyphonic mass in which each movement is based on the same monophonic melody, normally a chant, which is paraphrased in most or all voices rather than being used as a cantus firmus in one voice
plainsong mass a mass in which each movement is based on a chant to the same text (Kyrie is based on a chant Kyrie and so on)
Created by: kmiller90