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Auto 10/26/11

knurl (Verb) A process that raises metal ridges inside a valve guide to reduce the diameter of a worn guide. (Noun) A tool used to create ridges inside of a valve guide.
retainer noun-Also called cage, separator. Machinery. a ring separating, and moving with, balls or rollers in a bearing.
valve stem noun the vavle stem is what the camshaaft pushes on to open the valve. the valve stem is very important in the workings of a car engine.
seal Noun: A device or substance that is used to join two things together so as to prevent them from coming apart or to prevent anything from entering or exiting. Verb- Fasten or close securely.
valve face noun that part of the surface of a valve which comes in contact with the valve seat. when the valve face is seating properly the cylinder will hold compression.
valve seat noun. the valve seat is the part of the engine where the valve rests when closed.
concentricity noun- is having a common center point. In a engines head the valve seat must be concentric with the valve guide so it properly seats and seals the valve face. The valve seat shares concentricity with the valve guide
seat verb:to rest of fit into another parts. noun: the surface or part on which another part sits or rests
margin noun- an amount allowed or available beyond what is actually necessary: to allow a margin for error. a limit in condition, capacity, etc., beyond or below which something ceases to exist
clearance (noun)- Distance between two or more objects. The clearance between the main bearing and the main journal.
sodium (Noun) A chemical inside the stem of the valve, used to cool downthe valve at a faster rate than without.
ream verb to enlarge to desired size if you drill a hole larger you ream it.
keepers noun- A type of seal to keep in place a head spring and its pressure.
valve guide noun-tube-shaped piece of metal, pressed into cylinder head, with valve reciprocating inside. locates valve so that it may make proper contact with the valve seat. conducts heat from the combustion from the exhaust valve and into the cylinder head.
threaded insert (Noun) A metal device used to replace damaged threads (Verb) To install, put or place in Threaded inserts are used to repair damaged threads in an engine, most commonly on cars that needs heads removed often.
seal a tight closure that prevents the entrance or escape of, e.g. air or water, or a substance or device that forms such a closure noun: anything that prevents flow or a substance coming through verb: to close off a area
insert verb- Place, fit, or thrust (something) into another thing, esp. with care. Noun- Thread inserts. are threads you place in a hole after it has been drilled and tapped so that the bolt has new threads to grab a hold of.
keeper Noun= a device, such as a clip, for keeping something in place
valve seat noun- the machined surface in the intake and exhaust ports of the cylinder head against which a valve comes to rest to provide a seal against cylinder leakage.
clearance noun- A given amount of space between two parts.
concentricity noun- a complex tolerance used to establish a tolerance zone for the median points of a cylindrical or spherical part feature. Concentricity is generally reserved for high-precision parts, and only when there is a need to control median points.
concentricity noun- a center line shared by more than one part. the vavle guide is concentric to the valve seat which means the valve guide is in the center of the the valve seat.
Sodium Silicate noun. They use sodium silicate, to seal things up, and prevent leaks
ream Verb- (used with object) to enlarge a desired size (previously bored hole) by means of a reamer.
valve stem noun- is a rod attached to the valve that pushes it down when the rocker arms move the rod. this opens the valves during the strokes of the engine.
stem height noun, the height of the valve when installed.
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