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Exam 1111

Proximal Humerus and Shoulder Girdle

Proximal Humerus Head, greater and lesser tuburcle, intertubecular groove, anatomican and surgical neck, body
Head Most proximal part
Anatomical Neck slightly constricted area directly below and lateral to head
Lesser Tubercle Directly below anatomic neck on anterior surface
Greater Tubercle Larger process located laterally
Intertubecular Groove deep groove between thw tubercles
Body distal to surgical neck
clavicle and scapula connect each upper limb to the trunk or axial skeleton
scapula upper margin is at the level or 2nd posterior rib; lower margin is at level of 7th posterior rib
clavicle Acromion of scapula, acromioclavicular joint, acromial extremity, body, sternal extremity, sternoclavicular joint
sternoclavicular joint articulates medial (sternal) end of clavicle and manubrium of sternum
Acromioclavicular joint articulates lateral (acromial) end of clavicle with acromion os scapula
Shoulder Joint articulates head of humerus and glenoid cavity
Scapula corocoid process, scapular notch, superior angle, body, inferior angle, coastal surface, neck, lateral angle, glenoid cavity, acromion
Scapular Spine begins at vetebral border and continues laterally, ending at acromion
Acromion expanded lateral end of scapular spine, extending superiorly and posteriorly to the glenoid cavity
Corocoid process thick, beaklike process projecting anteriorly beneath clavicle
Scapular Borders Vetebral(Medial), Axillary (lateral), Superior
Scapular Surfaces Coastal (anterior), Dorsal (posterior)
Scapular Angles Superior, Inferior, Lateral
Scapula (posterior view) Crest of spine, acromion, supraspinous fossa, infraspinous fossa, dorsal surface
Scapulohumeral joint spheroidal
sternoclavicular joint plane
acromioclavicular joint plane
AP projection Shoulder External Rotation Epicondyles parallel, greater tubercle seen in full profile laterally, scapulohumeral joint centered, proximal humerus, upper scapula, and clavicle well visualized
AP Shoulder Internal Rotation epicondyles perpendicular, lesser tubecle profilled medially, scapulohumeral joint centered (1in below corocoid), proximial humerus, scapula, and clavicle well visualized
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