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Landforms & Waters

This is a set pf 53 vocabulary terms.

Alluvial Plain Relatively flat landform created by the opposition of sediment over a long time by one or more rivers
Archipelago Large group or chain of islands
Atoll A ring shaped coral island or ring of several islands linked by underwater coral reefs and contains a lagoon
Basin Low area of land, often surrounded by mountains on the ocean floor or surface of the earth
Bay A body of water forming an indention of the shoreline, larger than a cove,but smaller than a gulf
Butte An isolated hill or mountain rising abruptly above the surrounding land
Canal An artificial man-made waterway for navigation, irrigation, etc.
Canyon A deep valley with steep sides often with a stream flowing through it; caused by erosion
Cape Land projecting into water, uusually smaller than a peninsula
Cataract A descent of water over a steep surface; a waterfall, especially one of considerable size; rapids
Cay A small low island;key.
Channel The bed of a stream, river, or other waterway.
Cliff A high steep face of a rock or other earth materials.
Continent One of the main landmasses of the globe, usually considered 7 in number
Current A flowing;flow, as of a river.
Delta A flat alluvial area at the mouth of some rivers where the mainstream splits up into several distributaries.
Divide A ridge that separates area of water flows.
Downstream With or in the direction of the current of a stream toward the mouth.
Elevation The altitude of a place above sea level or ground level.
Equator An imaginary line that circles the globe half way between the north and south poles.
Estuary That part of the mouth or lower course of a river in which the river's current meets the sea's tide.
Glacier A large body if ice
Gulf A portion of sea or ocean, partially surrounded by land
Hill A natural elevation of the Earth's surface, smaller than a mounatin with rounded summit
Island Body of land completely surrounded by water
Isthmus Land that connects 2 larger bodies of land
Lake A body of water completely surrounded by land
Lowland Low or level land in comparison to the adjacent land
Marsh Low-lying wetlands with small plants
Meridian Another name for longitude, measures distance east - west of Prime Meridian
Mesa Broad flat surfaced area that rises sharply from the surrounding area, larger than a butte
Mountain A natural rise in the earth's surface, steep sides, having an elevation of more than 2,000 ft.
Mountain Range A series of mountain ridges similar in direction, form and origin
Mouth The end of a river where it opens to the sea
Oasis A fertile or green spot in a desert
Ocean Large body of salt water that covers 70% of Earth's surface
Prairie A vast area of grassland
Parallel Another name for a line of latitude
Peninsula A body of land nearly surrounded by water
Plain An extensive area of level of lowland, treeless country
Plateau An expanse of relatively level land that rises sharply above bordering land with at least one sharp side
Range A series of mountains
Relief The difference in elevation or slope
Reef a ridge of rocks or sand, often a coral reef, at or near the surface of the water
River a natural stream of water, of a fairly large size, flowing in a definite course or channel
Sea the salt waters that cover the greater part of Earth's surface
Seacoast land that lies adjacent to the ocean or sea; the shoreline
Sound a narrow sea or ocean channel, larger that a strait, that connects two bodies of water; often lies parallel to the coast
Source the origin or starting point of a stream or river
Strait a narrow passage of water connecting two larger bodies of water
Swamp wet spongy land with trees and other vegetation, unfit for cultivation
Trench a long steep-sided depression in the ocean floor, caused by the subduction of ocean plates
Tributary a stream or river that flows into another larger stream or river
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