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Basic Acting Term.

The basic terminology for theatre class @ LNCharter

Most plays on stage are written in a representational style
Representational style Act as if there is no fourth wall between the stage and the house
Presentational style Actors discuss events on stage with the audience
Regardless of play _____, each actor must develop a unique character that fits the author's ________ style, intent
Subtext what the lines imply but never say
Historical Characters those nonfictional characters from history
Example of historical characters Abraham Lincoln
Classical Plays those who have withstood the test of time
Example of classical plays Romeo and Juliet
Method Acting Emotional, Russian Stanslavski
Technical Acting Allows the actor to explore the character from a less emotionally involved perspective
Off book all lines are completely memorized
scene stealing/ upstaging when someone who should not have the audience's attention does something to steal it
Crossing When someone cuts in front of you and blocks you
Counter Cross Naturally move as to be seen again
Regardless of the action, everything must be motivated
Cheating when an actor compromises, facing a point between another actor and the audience to make it look like he is addressing the other actor
Created by: soccernut19
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