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condone forgive, overlook an offence
nuance slight subtle difference
connoissieur exptert in matters of food, culture, or wine
enigma mystery
apathy lack of interest
officious eager to help
credence belief
jaunty confident
dilettante one who dabbles in an art or science
cult group of people with an obsessive devotion to a person or set of principals
cynical doubtful or distrustfulof the goodness or sincerity of human motives
amivalent having opposing attitudes or feelings toward a person
demagogue leader who appeals to citizens emotions to obtain power
demure quiet and modest
intrepid without fear
destitute extremly poor
erudite scholarly
dilemma choice between 2 unpleasent or difficult options
culmination climax, highest point of attainment
concur agree, have same opinion
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