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History of Cos.

History of cosmetology

What is the definition of cosmetology? "The art and science of beautifying and improving the skin, nails, and hair, and the study of cosmetics and their application"
Defition of Greek word "kosmetikos" "skilled in the use of cosmetics"
How did the Egyptians practice cosmetology? Makeup (kohl, stains), henna to stain hair and nails, essential oils
Egyptians practiced cosmetology as early as... 3000 BC
How did the Chinese practice cosmetology? Chinese aristocrats stained nails to show social status
How did the Greeks practice cosmetology? Elaborate hairstyles, perfumes, makeup, elaborate baths
How did the Romans practice cosmetology? Fragrances, facials, makeup, hair color
How did hair color symbolize social status in ancient Rome? Noblewomen tinted their hair red, middle-class women colored their hair blond, and poor women colored their hair black
How was cosmetology practiced in the Middle Ages? Intricate hairstyles, headdresses, colored makeup on cheeks and lips but not eyes; steam distillation of essential oils
How was cosmetology practiced during the Renaissance? Shaving of eyebrows and hairline, very colorful makeup discouraged
How was cosmetology practiced during the Victorian Age? Beauty masks and packs made from natural ingredients, natural color vs. cosmetics in cheeks and lips
Who was Max Factor? A Polish immigrant who made stage and film makeup.
Who was Charles Nessler? Invented the first waving machine in 1905.
Who is Sarah Breedlove/Madame C.J. Walker? The daughter of a former slave; created and sold hair/scalp conditioning products; built a factory, hair salon, and training school in Indianapolis; "pioneer of the modern black hair care and cosmetics industry."
What were some notable advancements of 1901-1910? Max Factor's stage makeup, Charles Nessler's waving machine, Madame C.J. Walker's success
What were some notable advancements of the 1920's? The cosmetics industry experienced rapid growth; women's magazines advertised cosmetics
What were some notable advancements of the 1930's? The first machineless perm wave, nail polish by Charles Revson (Revlon), Lawrence Gelb founded Clairol and the first permanent haircolor product, Max Factor created film makeup, Arnold F. Willatt invented cold wave
Who is Lawrence Gelb? A New York chemist who invented the first permanent haircolor product and founded Clairol.
Who is Arnold F. Willatt? Invented the cold perm wave.
What were some notable advancements of the 1940's? Cold waves replace all previous perm methods.
What were some notable advancements from 1951-2000? Tube mascara, improved hair care and nail products, weekly salon appointments, Vidal Sassoon, foiling, better haircolor products, spa pedicures.
What is the cosmetology industry like in the 21st Century? Gentler haircolor, estheticians, specialization, day spas, men's-only spas/barber spas.
Created by: fjelstadka