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AICP 2011

Location quotient Measures the concentration of industry in a geographic area relative to a larger area. (local workers/workforce)/(national workers/workforce)LQ>1, then it's called a base industry (exports); LQ=1 meeting local demand; LQ<1, not meeting local demand.
Shift-share analysis Compares and contracts the growth rates among sectors. Used to distinguish between the effects of national and local economic trends.
cost-benefit analysis discounts values to present value
input-output analysis what is used locally vs what is exported
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act '76 Cradle to grave legislation for hazmat. EPA authority to control generation, trmt'84 Required EPA to develop a comprehensive regulatory program for storage of hazardous substances. Requires owners of tanks to prevent, detect, and cleanup any releases.
Household haz waste is exempt from RCRA regs True
Federal Property Administration 41 Act of 1949 Used primarily for The disposal of federal property by the U.S. government
Toxic Substances Control Act '76 Gives EPA ability to track industrial chemicals that are produced or imported...requires reporting or testing of industrial chem that pose a potential env or health haz. Ban manuf and import that pose high health risk.
Created by: stephpedro
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