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Drug Classification

Drug name

oxygen no more than 2L of o2..normal patient carbondioxide driven
Respiratory Stimulants(caffeine citrate,theophylline) tx hyperventilation;dysrhythmias,tachycardia. encourage pt not to smoke;minimize intake of colas,coffee,chocolate & charcoal-broiled foods daily
broncodilators act by relaxing smooth muscles of bronchial tree;nervousness cardiac irregularities hypertension,hyperglycemia-thickened secretions & mucus,urinary frequency...not indicated for pts with glaucoma; watch closely for cardiac dysrhythmias
corticosteriods(inhaled MDI & aerosol,intranasal) used to relieve inflammation; delayed wound healing & increase susceptibility to infection,osteoporosis,intraocular pressure(glaucoma)or cataract...give brochodilators prior to giving corticosteroids
mucolytics liquefy pulmonary secretions; asthmatics prone to brocospasms; educate fluid intake helps loosen & liquefy secretions
expectorants help to expel sputum
antitussives (codeine, robitussin AC) prevent coughing;addition-prone pts asthma
antihistamines(diphenydramine,benadryl relief of allergic symptoms caused by histamine release; used to tx symptoms of allergies; sedation...use caution when driving or operating machinery
smoking cessation aids pts should not smoke while taking these aids
decongestants shrinkage of swollen mucous membranes;caution:glaucoma
antacids constipation diarrhea; avoid other meds
agents for tx of ulcers & gerd acting as histamine 2 receptor antagonists;cimetidine, ranitidine, famotidine, nizatidine
omeprazole:prilosec antisecretory agent PPI- take all proton inhibitors before meals & swallow the capsule intact without opening,chewing, or crushing
antidiarrhea agents(kaopecta, lomotil) reduce number of loose stools
antiflatulents tx of gastric bloating; helping break gas
laxatives & cathartics(bulk forming laxatives) tx of choice for simple constipation/caution for acute abd pain,partial bowel obstruction
mineral oil malabsorption of vitamin A,D,E, & K
saline laxatives(MOM) caution:electrolytes imbalance
stimulant laxatives give srong warnings against frequent or prolonged use
hyperosmotic laxative exerts an action that draws water from the tissues into the feces.
antiemetics (phenergan, zofran, & reglan) tx of vomiting & nausea...confusion, anxiety, & restlessness sedation/caution:angle-closure glaucoma
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