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Republic A form of government in which the power is in the hands of represenatives and leaders are chosen by the people
Patricians the aristocratic landowners who held most of the power in the roman government
Plebeians In ancient Rome, the common farmers, artisans, and merchants who made up most of the population
Tribunes In ancient Rome, an official elected by the plebeians to protect their rights
Consuls In ancient rome one of the two powerful officials elected to command the army and direct the government
Senate in ancient rome the supreme governing body originally made up only of aristocrats
dictator a political leader given given absolute power to make laws and command the army for a limited time
Legion A military unit of the ancient roman army made up of about 5,000 foot soliders and a group of soliders on horseback
Hannibal A carthaginian general, the mastermind behind the second punic war.
Scipio A Roman general found to match Hannibal devised a plan to attck Carthage
Ciecero Rome greatest orator
Civil war A conflict between two political groups in the same country
Julius Caesar An ambitious and daring leader who brought order to Rome
Triumvirate A group of leaders sharing control of the government Ceasar, Crassus, Pompey
Absloute ruler A ruler who has total power
Augustus The most powerful ruler of rome Octavin his given name accepted the title of exalted one
Cleopatra Egypts last queen, in her quest for power she allied herself with Julius Ceasar and Mark Antony
Pax Romana A period of peace in Rome lasting between 27 B.C and 180 A.D
Gladiators Professional fighters who fought to the death in public arenas.
Jesus A Jew and Roman subject who publicly preached from Jewish tradition to his belif in only one god.
Apostles One of the followers of Jesus who spread and preadched his teachings
Peter First apostle helped spread through Syria and Palestine
Paul His Hebrew name was Saul, was the first real enemy of Christianty, but later had a vision and spent the rest of his life interrpreting the teachings of christ
Diaspora dispersal of jews from there homeland in Palestine
Bishop A high ranking christian official who supervises a number of local churches
Pope The Bishop of Rome, head of Roman catholic church
Constatine A roman emperor who fought three rivals for his title, made christianity the official religion of rome
Heresy Religious belifs that differ form the original teachings of christ
Inflation A decline in value of money accompanied by a rise in prices of goods and services
Mercenaries A solider who is paid to fight in a foreighn army
Diocletian A strong willed army leader who became the new emperor. Restored order, and and increased te empires strength, he doubled the size of the Roman armies.
Constaninople Previously named Byzantium, the new capital of rome named after Constantine
Attila The chieftain of the Huns, terrorized both halves the roman empire
Greco Roman culture An ancient culture that developed from a blending of greek, hellenistic, and roman cultures.
Pompeii A roman town covered in a layer of ash when Mt. Vesuvius erupted
Virgil A poet who spent 10 yrs. the most famous work in Latain writing the Aeneid the epic of the legendary Aeneans
Tacitus A roman historian notable among ancient historians he presented the facts accurately
Aqueducts A pipeline or channel built to carry water to populated areas.
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