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Modern Poetry

Test 1

Every Breath You Take: Lyrics by- Gordon M. Summer
Every Breath You Take: Preformed by- The Police
Every Breath You Take: C.D.- Synchronicity
Every Breath You Take: State the main point. Loving someone almost to the point of obsession.
Every Breath You Take: this is a cover to? I'll be missing you: This is a cover to?
O can't you see you belong to me? Every Breath You Take
I look around but its you I can't replace. Every Breath You Take
I keep crying baby, baby please. Every Breath You Take
I'll be watching you. Every Breath You Take
Every move you make. Every Breath You Take
The Way It Is: Lyrics by- Bruce Hornsby
The Way It Is: Perfomed by- Bruce Hornsby & The Range
The Way It Is: C.D.- The Way It Is
The Way It Is: Cover of what song? Changes: Cover of what song?
The Way It Is: State the main point. Social awarness from a white persons perspective.
Just for fun he says "get a job" The Way It Is
Some things will never change. The Way It Is
Cause you don't look like they do. The Way It Is
Beause the law don't change another's mind. The Way It Is
Is the line on the color bar. The Way It Is
I'll Be Missing you: Lyrics by- Sauce Money
I'll Be Missing you: Performed By- Puff Daddy with Faith Evans
I'll Be Missing you: C.D.- No Way out
I'll Be Missing you: State the Main point. The grieving of the morning process.
I'll Be Missing you: Elegy: speaking to someone dead
One black morning when this life is over/I'll fly away I'll Be Missing you:
Thinkin' of the day when you went away. I'll Be Missing you:
Memories give me the strength I need to proceed, strength I need to believe. I'll Be Missing you:
Makin hits, shop for new clothes and kicks; you and me taking flicks I'll Be Missing you:
I'll be missing you I'll Be Missing you:
Changes: Lyrics by- Tupac Shakur
Changes:Performed by- Tupac Shakur
Changes: C.D.- Tupac's Greatest Hits
Changes: State the Main point. Social Awarness from a black person's perspective.
Is life worth living or should I just blast myself. Changes
We aint ready to see no black president Changes
Sellin crack to kids Changes
Its war on the streets, and war in the middle east Changes
rat-a-tat-tat-tat Changes
Ooh Aah: Lyrics by- Teron Carter
Ooh Aah: Performed By- Grits
Ooh Aah: C.D.- The are of translation
Ooh Aah: State the Main Point. Trying to walk straight and narrow
Ooh Aah:Grits stands for? Grammatical Revolution In The Spirt
In grumblings so deep letters could never express. Ooh Aah
I beleive if you seek the truth you dont need to look for cuz its gonna find you Ooh Aah
In the Cold I froze, trying to ease my woes Ooh Aah
The highs and lows paths and roads i choose Ooh Aah
bread crumbs Ooh Aah
Watching you: Lyrics by- Rodney Atkins
Watching you: Performed By- Rodney Atkins
Watching you: CD- If your going through Hell
Watching you: State the main point A father being a role model for his son
Spoke to God like he was talkin to a friend. Watching you
I'm your buckaroo; I wanna be like you. Watching you
Happy Meal Watching you
It with S and I was concerned Watching you
We got back home, and I went to the barn. Watching you
Something to be Proud of: Lyrics by- Jeffrey Steele
Something to be Proud of: Performed by- Montgomery Gentry
Something to be Proud of: CD You do your thing
Something to be Proud of: Main Point striving to live a life that has a meaning
Daddy telling a story Something to be Proud of
5 miles up hill both ways Something to be Proud of
Dad, I wonder if I ever let you down, if your ashamed how i turnined out. Something to be Proud of
Putting food on the table. Something to be Proud of
Faith Something to be Proud of
Live like you were dying: Lyrics- Tim Nichols
Live like you were dying: performed- Tim McGraw
Live like you were dying: CD- Live like you were dying
Live like you were dying: main point Live life to its fullest
eailer forties Live like you were dying:
Good Book/Bible Live like you were dying:
bull Fu Man Chu Live like you were dying:
I love deeper and I spoke sweeter Live like you were dying:
watched eagles flying Live like you were dying:
This is a Call: Lyrics- Trevor MeNevan
This is a Call: Performed by- Thousand Fooot Krutch
This is a Call: CD- Phenemon
This is a Call: Main point Minerstry=meeting the needs of others
Still sleeps with the night light on. This is a Call
He hides behind the music This is a Call
Well if you're real then save me Jesus This is a Call
I have the time to Roll out This is a Call
Take me to a place where nothings wrong This is a Call
Hero (Red Pill Mix): Lyrics- Max Hsu
Hero (Red Pill Mix): Performed - Superchic[k]
Hero (Red Pill Mix): CD- Regeneration
Hero (Red Pill Mix): State the Main Point- The importance of making right choices
You could join the fight Hero (Red Pill Mix)
Doesnt know he's a leader with the way he behaves. And others will follow the choices he's made. Hero (Red Pill Mix)
Little Mikey D was the one in class who every day got brutally harrased Hero (Red Pill Mix)
So lets wake up, and change the world. Our time is now Hero (Red Pill Mix)
Now its out time to pick a side. So dont keep walking by. Hero (Red Pill Mix)
Created by: MeganPap



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