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201-225 drugs

201 of 225 drugs

201 accuneb albuterol nebsolution a beta 2 adrenergic brochdilator for asthma, orally inhaled, Proventil Neb Solution
202 drisdol ergocalciferol a calcium regulator for hypothyroidism and vitamin d resistant rickets, taken orally, Vitamin D
203 januvia sitagliptin phosphate an antidiabetic for type 2 diabetes, taken orally
204 cheratussin a c [C5] guaifenesin and codeine an antitussive expectorant, taken orally, Robitussin A C
205 armour dessicated thyroid a hormone for hypothyroidism, taken orally, Thyroid
206 novolog insulin aspart insulin analog for diabetes mellitus, taken by s c
207 clobevate (gel) clobetasol a topical corticosteroid of high potency for corticosteroid responsive dermatoses, topically and intravaginally applied
208 vitamin b1 thiamine breaks down carbs, oral & I V, Aneurine
209 BETASERON interferon beta 1B human protein to fight viruses, treats MS relapse, I V cytokine, Extavia
210 CHOLAC lactulose synthetic disaccharide, colonic acidifier laxative, oral, for hepatic encephalopa
211 SANDOSTATIN octreotide lar man made protein to lower insulin & glucagon to treat acromegaly, I V
212 NAFCILLIN antibiotic, narrow spectrum beta lactam, for staphylococcal infections, I V & I M
213 NEULASTA pegfligrastim man made protein to stimulate white blood cell growth to prevent neutropenia, I V, Imupeg
214 CILASAFE imipenem and cilastatin synergistic antibiotic for bacteria, I V, Primaxin
215 LEVEMIR insulin detemir man made long acting insulin hormone for diabetes, SC
216 REMICADE infliximab for moderate to severe arthritis & psoriasis, crohn disease, for monoclonal antibody, tumor chimeric necrosis factor alpha, I V, Inflectra, Remsima
217 VERSED midazolam benzodiazepine, induces sleep & amnesia, (C4), oral & I V, Dormicum, Hypnovel
218 ZYVOX linezolid antibiotic for bacteria, oxazolidinone class, oral
219 Victoza liraglutide glucagon like peptide receptor agonist for appetite control, I V, Saxenda
220 TRUVADA emitricitable/tenefovir antiviral combo with 2 reverse transcriptase blockers, for HIV treatment, oral
221 EPOGEN epoetin alpha man made protein for red blood cell production, I V, Procit
222 ENBREL etanercept for moderate to severe ankylosing spondylitis, juvenile arthritis, plaque psoriasis & psoriatic arthritis, T N F blocker, fusion protein produced by recombinant D N A, S C, Sureclick
223 MAXIPIME cefepime cephalosporin antibiotic for bacteria, I V
224 AVONEX interferon beta-1a reduces relapses, flare ups, & disabilities for M S, I V, a cytokine, Rebif, Cinnovex
225 LUCENTIS ranibizumab blocking growth of new blood vessels under retina, inj. & intravitreal
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