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176-200 drugs

176 of 207 drugs

176 abilify aripiprazole an antipsychotic for major depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia, taken orally
177 bentyl dicyclomine an antispasmodic for i b s, oral of i m
178 avalide irbesartan hctz an a r b and diuretic for hypertension, taken orally
179 requip ropinirole a dopamine agonist for parkinson's restless leg syndrome, taken orally
180 bactroban mupirocin a topical antibacterial for skin infections, topically applied
181 urotrol oxybutynin a urinary antispasmodic for overactive bladder, taken orally, Ditropan (XL)
182 plendil felodipine a calcium channel blocker for hypertension, taken orally
183 feratab ferrous sulfate a mineral supplement for iron deficiency, taken orally, Feosol, Ferin Sol, and Slow Fe
184 Proscar finasteride enzyme blocker for prostate enlargement, taken orally Propecia
185 dolophine [C2] methadone a narcotic analgesic for opiod dependence and severe pain, oral, i m, or i v, Methadose
186 zonatuss benzonatate antitussive, cough suppressant for coughing, numbing agent, taken orally Tessalon (Perles)
187 lidoderm lidocaine a topical anesthetic for postherpetic neuralgia, topically applied
188 preven ec ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel birth control for contraception and dysmenorrhea, taken orally Seasonique
189 pyridium phenazopyridine a urinary analgesic for dysuria, taken orally
190 peridex chlorhexidine gluconate an antimicrobial for gingivitis, a topical oral rinse, PerioGard
191 MITIGARE colchicine an anti gout for acute gout attacks and gout prophylaxis, treats Beh├žet's disease, an alternative for those unable to tolerate NSAIDs, oral or i v, [Colcrys]
192 humalog insulin lispro an antidiabetic insulin for diabetes, taken by s c
193 lodine (xl) etodolac an n s a i d for pain and arthritis, taken orally
194 zanaflex tizanide a muscle relaxant for muscle spasms, spasticity, to relax muscle tone, adrenergic agonist, taken orally
195 tussionex [C2] chlorpheniramine and hydrocodone an antihistamine and narcotic for upper respiratory symptoms, cough suppressant, taken orally
196 plaquenil hydroxychloroquine an anti-malarial for malaria, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus, taken orally
197 norco [C3] apap and hyrocodone a narcotic analgesic for pain, taken orally, Lorcet and Vicodin (ES)
198 levoxyl levothyroxine a hormone replacement for hypothyroidism, oral, i v, or i m, Synthroid and Levothroid
199 lopressor metoprolol a beta blocker for hypertension and post m.i. treatment, oral or i v, Toprol XL
200 prinivil lisinopril an ace inhibitor for hypertension and c h f, taken orally, Zestril



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