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Vocab Blue Unit 8

Vocab Blue 5th Grade Unit 8

energetic adj. active and vigorous, full of energy, forceful hardworking, tireless, peppy idle, lazy, inactive
enforce v. to force obedience to to carry out to overlook, abandon, disregard
feat n. an act or deed that shows daring, skill, or strength an achievement, exploit, effort
hearty adj. warm and friendly; healthy, lively, and strong; large and satisfying to the appetite cheerful, friendly; fit, healthy; plentiful insincere, phony; sickly
mature v. to bring to or reach full development or growth; adj. fully grown or developed v. to grow, develop, age, ripen; adj. complete, ripe adj. immature, inexperienced, raw, green
observant adj. watchful, quick to notice; careful and diligent aware, attentive, alert, sharp; dutiful, mindful inattentive, careless
primary adj. first in importance, first in time or order; basic, fundamental; n. an early election that narrows the choice of candidates who will run in a final election adj. highest, main, prime adj. secondary, last
resign v. to give up a job, an office, or a right or claim to quit, abandon, leave, surrender
strive v. to devote much energy or effort, try hard to attempt, struggle, labor, slave, strain
verdict n. the decision of a jury at the end of a trial or legal case; any decision a ruling, judgement, finding
alternate v. to do, use, or happen in successive turns; to take turns; n. a person acting or prepared to act in place of another; a substitute; adj. happening to appearing in turns; every other; being a choice between two or more things v. to rotate, change; n. a replacement, deputy
demolish v. to tear down, break to pieces to raze, destroy, wreck, smash, level to construct, build, restore, mend
Created by: LearningCoach