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Mr Reindo

the baby taking the candy from the store without mom knowing amoral
linda likes ice-cream nonmoral
linda skill the ice-cream from the bridge immoral
Edwina eats her lunch in the school nonmoal
A dictator of a particular country orders a biological attack on the citizens of his country immoral
A group of students stop by a local Mcdonald’s after school. They go to a local park to eat. Without thinking, they throw their trash under a bush rater than in a trash can. amoral
During a baseball game. Member of one team constantly cannt a player on the other team who is obviously not a very good player. immoral
Grover wants to do well in school this year. He studies every night and prepares his homework well. For his first making period on his repore card. He receives first honors. moral
what is the word gratia means gift
the starting point of Christian morailty is who are you
Created by: treerusso