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Palma test 2

Tampa drugs

Albuterol Sulfate Proventil, Ventolin Bronchodilator sympathomimetic SVN or MDI Used to prevent bronchospasm
Levalbuterol Xopenex Bronchodilator sympathomimetic SVN Works by relaxing muscles in the airways to improve breathing Used to treat reversible obstructions, airway conditions, such as asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema
Isoproterenol Isuprel Bronchodilator sympathomimetic Given by IV rarely used for inhalation because it may increase heart rate Cardiac stimilator
Isoetharine HCL Bronkosol Bronchodilator sympathomimetic SVN
Metaproterenol Sulfate Alupent Bronchodilator sympathomimetic SVN
Salmeterol Xinafoate Serevent Bronchodilator sympathomimetic MDI or DPI long lasting (10 - 12 hrs.) , rapid onset (20 mins.)
Formoterol Foradil Bronchodilator sympathomimetic DPI long lasting, rapid onset - not recommended as a "rescue breathing" drug
Bitolterol Tornalate Bronchodilator sympathomimetic SVN or MDI lasts 5 - 8 hours
Terbutaline Sulfate Brethaire Bronchodilator sympathomimetic MDI
Pirbuterol Maxair Bronchodilator sympathomimetic MDI
Atropine Atropine Bronchodilator parasympatholytics Used to help dry up excessive mucus No longer FDA approved for inhalation
Ipratropium bromide Atrovent Bronchodilator parasympatholytics SVN or MDI used to prevent bronchospasm or narrowing airways in the lungs in people w/ bronchitis, emphysema, or COPD
Tiotropium bromide Spiriva Bronchodilator parasympatholytics DPI works by enlarging airways. Used to prevent bronchospasm
Epinephrine Adrenaline Vasoconstrictors / Bronchodilators (sympathomimetics) SVN
Epinephrine Primatine Mist Vasoconstrictors / Bronchodilators (sympathomimetics) MDI
Racemic Epinephrine Vaponephrine, P2 Vasoconstrictors / Bronchodilators (sympathomimetics) SNV Relaxes smooth muscle of bronchi
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