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Vocab Unit 8 S D

Jenkins Vocabulary Unit 8 Synonyms 9th Grade Level D

Assurance promise, sureness, poise, self-possession
Asylum sanatorium, sanctuary, refuge
Console soothe, solace, alleviate
Dilate enlarge, expand, swell, prolong
Dross Rubbish, Trash, Detritus, Dregs, Scum
Dwindle decrease, shrink, fade, peter out
Flippant frivolous, impudent, impertinent, insolent
Immunity exemption, impunity
Institute found, bring about, academy
Liability Handicap, difficulty, impediment, drawback
Preposterous nonsensical, absurd, incredible
Pugnacious argumentative, combative, belligerent
Rabid fanatical, zealous, raving, infuriated, berserk
Realm Domain, duchy, bailiwick, jurisdiction
Rejuvenate revitalize, renew
Remunerate compensate, satisfy, profit, benefit
Sparse thin, scanty, few and far between
Sterling first-rate, outstanding, worthy, pure
Venture gamble, try, chance, undertaking
Warp bend, distort, misshape, irregularity
Created by: ahatch