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Geography Topic 4 Definitions 2011

1700s, 1820s Time period when the Australian race was British
1850s (gold rush) Time period when the Australian race became more Chinese
Post WW2 Time period when the Australian race had more immigrants with help from the federal government
After the Vietnam War Time period when the Australian race had more Vietnamese
Populate or perish Belief that to build a strong economy and defend ourselves we must have a large population
Aging population causes Baby boomers (1945-1961), declining birth rate and increasing life expectancy
62% Percentage of Australians living in capital cities
1990s Time period when empty nesters and DINKs began to move back into urban cities
1901 White Australia policy
1972 White Australia Policy dismantled in favour of multiculturalism
18.9-37.7 million Population of Australia in 2101
100,000 New settlers each year
35.9 Median age in 2002
40.4-42.3 Median age in 2021
Sydney Growing by ~1000 people per week
1.2% Natural increase in 2012
0.0%-0.4% Natural increase in 2050
Impacts of an aging population Health care and nursing homes needed and fewer people to pay taxes
Gentrification Rich people buying in poor areas and redeveloping them, creating a desire of people to live in that area
Economy of scale Benefit for business of growing Australia's population
Lack of resources Reason against growing Australia's population
Government policies on the aging population Raise the retirement age, reduced discrimination on the basis of age and 9% compulsory superannuation to reduce the reliance on the aged pension
Reduce immigrant intake Method used to prevent Australia's population growth which includes mandatory detention of asylum seekers
Stabilise the population within a decade Goal of the greens and democrats
Created by: PCGEEK