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PSY 455 Chapter 2

Attraction and Courtship

Flirting behavior Moving closer to potential partner and gazing into their eyes. Display of positive facial expression Self-grooming Smoothing hair back Tightening one’s abdomen Arching back stretching
Eyebrow flash a quick arching of the eyebrows to widen the eyes followed by an immediate lowering of the brows.
computer-mediated communication communication that occurs online rather than during a face-to-face interaction.
cyber-flirting Unique context No face-to-face interaction Can’t see each other to send and evaluate each others courtship signals
first date Who starts the ball rolling? Heterosexual men and women tend to believe the man is to initiate.
limitation and advantages of cmc limit: no nonverbal cues, limited demographic info. adv:Anonymity Control Increased knowledge of the other Freedom of expression
pluralistic ignorance Phenomenon is which people observe others behaving similarly to themselves but attribute their own behavior and that of the others to very different underlying causes.
signal amplification bias .Individual believes their social overtures communicate more romantic interest to potential partner than is the actual case resulting in a failure to realize they have not conveyed their feelings of attraction
first date script Relationship negotiation Increasing partner’s rewards Emotion disclosure Tokens, expression of affections Increase contact Make a direct bid
accelerated courtship pattern movied rapidly and smoothly to marriage, spent relatively little time dating prior to engagement, high index of upturns
accelerated-arrested courtship high number of upturns, more rapid trajecotry to marriage, little time dating, engaged quickly and spend most of courtship engaged.
prolonged courtship pattern 65% seriously dating, 22% engaged
Intermediate courtship pattern between accelerated and prolonged in the smoothness and rapidity of progression toward commitment.
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