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Geography Topic 1 Definitions 2011

Spatial perspective Where things are and why they are there
Ecological perspective How people interact with their environment
Contemporary geographical issues Subject of widespread community discussion and debate
Land degradation Decline in the quality of land causing it to be less able to supports crops and livestock
Issues of land management Includes erosion, salinity, decreased water quality
Run-off stage Water runs across the surface into storage areas for human consumption
Water management Geographical issue in which the run-off stage is of most concern
Issues of water management Water borne disease, run-off pollution, drought and flooding
Air quality Changes due to air pollution
Issues of Air quality Burning fossil fuels, power generation and industry production, cigarettes and photochemical smog
Spatial inequality Distinct geographical division between poor and affluent population
Issues of spatial inequality Disadvantaged live in outer suburbs, isolated from many services on which they depend
Urban growth and decline The deterioration in the general condition of an urban area due to an increase in population and space used by urban settlers.
Issues of Urban growth and decline Loss of rich agricultural land, pollution of the environment, traffic congestion, deteriorating air quality, lack of funding for infrastructure
Waste management The disposal of waste throughout the world
Issues of waste management Increase in the waste produced as the world grows and the management associated with this waste
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