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Vocab Set 4

Global Vocabulary

Anthropologist social scientist who studies the physical characteristics, origins, cultures and artifacts of human beings.
Archaeologist social scientists who studies past human life by examining the monuments and relics left by ancient people.
Codified Law organized and written set of rules or laws.
Conquistador Spanish explorers who conquered land in the Americas for Spain during 1500s and 1600s.
Decolonization Process by which European colonies in Africa and Asia became independent countries after World War II ended.
Ethnocentrism prejudicial belief that one’s culture or standards are superior to those of other societies.
Expansionism policy of increasing a nation’s territory at the expense of another nation.
Exploitation term used to describe how the mother countries took advantage of their colonies to insure that their own economies grew.
Extraterritorality special right of citizens of a foreign country to be tried for a crime by the laws and courts of their own nation; applied to Westerners in China during the 19th and 20th centuries.
Illiteracy in ability to read or write; one measure of a country’s industrial development and standard living.
Imperialism policy whereby one nation dominate by direct or indirect rule the political, economic, and social life of foreign country, region or area.
Internet global computer connection using telephone lines or modems providing on-line contact with people and information on most subjects.
Mestizo people of mixed European and Native American ancestry in the Spanish colonies of Latin America.
Peninsular person born in Spain or Portugal who was eligible for the highest position in the Latin American colonies.
Protectorate form of imperial control in which the foreign country allows the local ruler to remain in power but controls affairs behind the scenes.
Satellite Countries countries politically and economically controlled by a nearby country such as Easter European countries that were dominated by the Soviet Union after World War II.
Self-Determination right of the people to make their own decision s about their political and economic development.
Serf peasant in feudal times who was legally bound to the land, owned by the lord and subject to the will of the lord.
Social Contract political theory of 17th and 18th century Europe stating that there is an agreement between the people and the government, with people giving up power to their leader in return for liberty, and property; government that fail to fulfill their agreement can
Sphere of Influence area or region of a country in which a foreign country had exclusive trading privileges such as the right to build railroads and factories; special regions along the coast of China in the 19th century controlled by European imperial countries.
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