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social studies

To better study the land of the United States, geographers often divide it into______regions. What are landforms?
The two largest _________in the United States are the Appalation Mountains and Rocky Mountains. What is a mountain range?
They stood at near the "foot" of the mountain the were about to climb. What is a piedmont?
When land rises to a broad area of hig mostly flat land, it is called a _____ what is a plateau?
Some times the lava and ash from this landform builds up to form a mountain. What is a volcano?
If you want to how high or low land is you need to use an _________map. What is elevation?
Ocean water moves in the form of______,the regular rise and fall of a body of water. What is tide?
Their ships were safely docked along the _____that extended into the coastline from the Atlantic Ocean. What is an inlet? What is an inlet
To get to the island just off the coast they had to travel through the sound. what is a sound?
A river that flows into the Missisippi River is a______. What is a tributary?
The difference in ______ in the United States influence the kind of vegetation found in different parts of our country. What is climate?
Low bushes and cactuses are the ________of the desert. What is natural vegetation?
The drier side of the mountain range is called a _____ What is a rain shadow?
This is a cold dry region where trees cannot grow, found far to the north and high on mountains. What is a tundra?
This part of the Central Plains are flat or rolling hills covered with tall-grass and wild flowers. What is a prairie?
Despite the _______ and scorching heat, we were happy to be on vacation. What is humidity?
The trees and shrubs are scattered among this kind of desert like grassland. What is a savanna?
Nevada climate is usually very hot and _____ most of the year with only a short rainy season. What is arid?
_________moves water to dry areas. What is irrigation?
wind and rain cause _______to the Earth's Surface. What is erosion?
Where a place is compared to another place is called What is relative location?
Material added to the soil to make it more fertile? What is fertilizer?
The imaginary line that runs north and south. What is the Continental Divide?
The group of lakes that make up the worlds largest freshwater lakes. What are the Great Lakes?
A prolong period with little or no rain What is drought?
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