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Art chapter 6 & 7 u2

Art Test UNIT 2 chapters 6 & 7

Paleolithic Period historical period of time believed to have lasted from 30,00 BC to 10,000 BC
Megaliths large monuments created from huge stone slab
Post and Lintel Construction massive posts support cross beans or lintels
Ziggurat stepped covered mountain made of brick covered earth
Stylus writing instrument
Cuneiform writing with wedged-shaped characters
Steele an inscribed stone pillar
Pharaoh Egyptian ruler
Dynasty period of time in which a single family provided a succession of rulers!
Sarcophagus stone coffin
Mastaba low flat tomb
Hieroglyphics system of picture writing
Why did prehistoric cave paintings originate? belief in Gods, painted a successful hunt in order to have a real one
How did prehistoric paintings survive? they were in caves, protected from wind & rain
How were prehistoric painting created? Pigments of color on, scratch outline, animal blood or clay to fill in
Name the different civilizations Sumer, Akkaid, Babylonia, Persia ( Assyria)
Describe artwork of sumer ziggurat
babylonia steele
Persians artchitecture or audience hall
akkaidan cuneiform
Three kingdoms of egypt old, new, middle
relationships between pyramid and religious believed in Ka, ka is soul that needed to find body in order to move on to afterlife, must keep dead body safe so ka doesn't get lost
Uses of relief sculptures, and painting etc very realistic in case Ka can';t find you, can take scultpture or painting form instead
set of rules egyptian art followed familiar view of the body. shoulders, eyes, body parts, arm, legs etc must be in side view. no shading involved, and tons of hierglyphics behind the painting!
Created by: natalieswisher
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