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English Vocab. L 1-5

1-5 vocab

apall to fill with horror or amazement; to shock
blase uninterested; unexcited
skeptical doubting or disbelieving
nominal so small or low in relation to the real value as to be a mere token
persistent lasting; unceasing; persevering; enduring
feint to pretend in order to deceive an opponent or divert attention away from the real target
whimsical playful; fanciful
integral neccessary to form a whole
lurid causing shock or horror
seismic of, subject to, or caused by an earthquake or shock; of great importance
brazen rudely bold; impudent
foster to promote the development or growth of; to encourage, to cultivate
impugn to attack as false; to cast doubt on
obsolescence state of being no longer useful or in fashion
pretext an excuse given to hide the real reason for something
singular exceptional
sobriety seriousness in bearing, manner, or treatment; absence of alcoholic intoxication
ultimate final, conclusive; highest possible
wan unnaturally pale, as from illness; weak or faint
wane to gradually decrease
vapid uninteresting; flat; stale
unkempt not neat or tidy
profane showing contempt for God or sacred things
premise a statement upon which an argument is based or from which a conclusion is drawn
potential an ability that may or may not be developed
astute keen in judgement
jurisdiction the authority to interpret and apply the law; the range of such authority
innate possessed from birth; inborn; inherent
imperturbable not easily disturbed; unshakable; calm and collected
duress constraint by threat; coercion
mundane worldly; not spiritual
paltry meager; insignificant
fray fight
scurry to dash
feudal pertaining to the Middle Ages
drudgery difficult work
jostle to bump
disperse to scatter
saturate to soak; to infuse
vogue fashion
obstinate stubborn
sally excursion
tranquil calm
pantheon a group of highly reguarded people; a place for such people; a range
placard sign
contrive to plot
constraint force; coercion
equilibrium balance; stability
exponential increasing rapidly
dupe to fool; to delude
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