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Beliefs of various religions

ReligionBelief 1Belief 2Belief 3
Hinduism Rebirth--born into life again Rivers are holy and wash away sins (blank)
Judaism follow 10 Commandments observe Sabbath--weekly holy day worship one god
Chinese Religions Tao means the way Taoism believes in yin/yang: two opposing forces Confucianism tells how to live a good life
Buddhism People aren't ruled by gods be kind and live with neither too much or too little seek enlightenment--a staet of joyful understanding known as nirvana
Islam The 5 Pillars of Islam 1.Read Koran, 2.Pray 3. Charity 4. fast for Ramadan 5. Pilgramage to Mecca
Christianity Jesus was crucified and then rose from the dead God let Jesus die as a sacrifice perform acts of kindness
Baha'ai monotheistic everyone in the world is equal and in 1 family Unity of all religions and world peace
Created by: team64