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Dance Vocab

Romantic Ballet -women are the focus -point work -men replace God as hero -after Ballet d'action
Ballet De Decore Ballet of the courts used to impress nobility of other states
Opera Ballet RAD and 5 positions After Ballet De Decoure
Ballet d'action men are the lead, lighter costumes, came after Opera Ballet
Trionpag de L'amour 1681 1st professional female performance
Neo-classical -less rigid -dance @ extreme tempos -more modern and complex -technical movement
Contemporary Ballet Classical & modern -Greater range of movement -turned in legs
3 Famous ballerinas Maria Talglioni Carleta Grigri Fannie Elsler
Ballet comique de la reime 1581 Greek Myths
Pile Bent, Bending Grande and demi
Coupe Cut, cutting
Releve Rasied
ron de Jambe Circle of the leg
En Croix in the shape of a cross
En l'air in the air
Piroutte Spin or whirl
En dehors Clockwise
Changement change of feet
Saute Jump, jumping
Pique Pricked, pricking
Degage Disengage, prepare for takeoff in a jump
Passé withdrawn front, back, side
Frappe to strike
Jete throwing step working leg in air
Allegro Brisk, lively
Chaines series of wuick turns on alternating feet "chains, links"
En dedans counterclockwise
Tendu Stretch
Battement Beating
Sus-sous Under over
Soutenu sustained
A terre on the ground
Fondu Sinking down, pile on one leg
Created by: ArrowForever
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