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Stack #721780


Tangible Being loved is a ____________________ thing.
Quarry I suppose the first three shots I heard was when the hunter flushed his ______ and wounded it.
Disarming The police is ______ their weapons.
Amenity My mom does her best to preserve the _____ of the civilization in our house.
Affable La La is the most ___________ host for Flavor of Love Reunion.
Condone David was quick to ____________ his friend fault.
Droll The __________ little man a particular sense of humor.
Scruple Her ___________________ was quite ill-founded.
Elude The killer was able to ___________ the police.
Solicitously The boy saw the cat up on the tree and felt _______________ how it will come down.
Stamina Your __________ will lose against mine.
Deplorable Ms.Kelley will not tolerate _____________ behavior in her classroom.
Imperative I resented his ________________ tone of voice.
Zealous The detective was _____________ in his pursuit of the robbers.
Uncanny She has an ____________ sense of direction.