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Chpt 2 Religion Test

Religion Vocab for CHPT 2

The supernatural assent of the Intellect through which a truth Revealed by God is believed On the authority of the revealer act of faith
A solemn agreement between two parties with Mutual commitments and guarantees. covenant
Name the three objects of faith. God Himself Truths only known through revelation Natural truths confirmed by God’s revelation
God’s manifestation of Himself is called… Divine Revelation
What is the purpose of God revealing Himself to His people? to be in relationship with us
What is the fullness of Divine Revelation? Jesus Christ
What are the two types of revelation? Natural and Divine Revelation
Supernatural events that give credibility to revelation are called… miracle
A statement which offers verification Of its own truthfulness and can also Show the truthfulness of a revealed Truth. prophecy
How long approximately has the Catholic Church Existed? 2000 years
The teaching body of the Church is Called… the Magisterium
God speaking directly to all mankind through ceratin people Divine Revelation
Belief in God and all that he reveals through the Church faith
God's speech to man word of god
The four main signs and evidence that certain affirmations are made by God (or by those chosen by God to speak with his authority) and that they have been passed along to us completely and without error motives of credibiltiy
The reason why a person comes to believe in God motive of faith
A person called by God to speak to his people, often to announce future events that could not otherwise be foreseen Prophet
The first sin of Adam and Eve original sin
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