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Transcutaneouse Electrical Nerve Stimulation

What wave form is TENS? assymetrical biphasic and pulsed monophasic
What is the TENS modulation? continuouse or burst
when to use the HIGH rate TENS? can be applied during acute and chronic stages of pain
how does the HIGH TENS feel like for the pt? comfortable tingling senation,paresthesia. No muscle response
What is the pulse rate for HIGH TENS? 50-80 pps
What is the pulse duration for HIGH TENS? 50-100 usec
what is the duration of threatment for HIGH TENS? 20-60 min
what is the duration of pain relief for HIGH TENS? temporary
What is the Acupuncture -like TENS? strong low rate TENS which can be applied during chronic stage of pain
What is the AMPLITUDE for Acupuncture TENS strong but very comfortable rhytmic muscle twitches
What is the pulse rate for Acupuncture TENS? 1-5 pps
What is pulse duration for Acumunture TENS? 150-300 usec
duration of Acupunture TENS? 30-40 min
duration of pain relief for Acupunture TENS? long lasting ( an hour or more)
What is the BRIEF intense TENS for? provides rapid onset, but short term pain relief during painful procedures : wound debridement, deep friction massage, joint mobilization, passive stretching
what is the amplitude of BRIEF intense TENS? to patient tolerance
what is the pulse rate BRIEF intense TENS? 80-150 pps
what is the pulse duration BRIEF intense TENS? 50-250 usec
duration of treatment for BRIEF intense TENS? 15 min
What is TENS for? provide afferent stimulation for pain menagement
what is the GATE CONTROL theory? pain modulation through activation of central inhibition of pain transmition
What is Pulse Train Tens for? combination of HIGH and LOW rate TENS
What is the pulse rate for Pulse Train TENS? 50-100pps delivered in packets or bursts of 1-4pps
What is the pulse duration for Pulse Train TENS? 50-200 microsec
What is the duration of treatment for Pulse Train Tens? 20-30 min
what is the duration of pain relief for Pulse Train Tens? Long lasting
Another Name for Pulse Train TENS Burst Mode
What is Point Stimulation TENS for? for MPS ( trigger point); use of small probe to locate and noxiously stimulate acupuncture sites
What is the amplitude for Point Stimulation TENS? strong, to pts. tolerance
What is the amplitude for Pulse Train TENS? comfortable, intermittent paresthesia
What is the pulse rate for Point Stimulation TENS? 1-5pps
What is the pulse duration for Point Stimulation TENS? 150-300 microsec.
What is the duration of treatment for Point Stimulation TENS? 15-30 secs intermittent
what is the duration of pain relief for Pulse Train Tens? long lasting
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