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Stack #72077

Hand deformities

Swan-Neck deformity MCP flexion, PIP=hyperextension, DIP flexion . Contracture of intrinsic muscles or tearing of the volar plate caused by RA or trauma.
Butonierr's deformity Central tendon slip of extensor hood:Extension of MCP and DIP, flexion of PIP in RA and trauma
Claw Hand " Intrinsic minus hand" extension of MPC, flexion of PIP and DIP. It is caused by combined Median and Ulnar N. Palsy. Both longitudidal and transverse arches are lost. PT won't be able to hold pencil, glass or cup
Ape hand Wasting of the thenar eminance ( Median N. Palsy). The opposition and flexion of thumb is lost
Bishop hand "Benedictian hand" Wasting of the hypothenar eminance ( Ulnar N. Palsy). @ median lumbricals and interossei. Flexion of 4 and 5th digit is present
Drop wrist deformity radial N. Paulsy. Wrist and fingers can't be extended
Z deformity of thumb Flexion in MCPand extension in DIP, heredity or RA.
Volkmann's ischemic contracture typical in compartement syndrome after a fracture or dislocation of the elbow
Dupuytren's contracture Contracture of the palmar fascia. Fized flexion deformity of the MCP and PIPs. Seen in little or ring finger, and the skin is adherent to fascia. More seen in men 50-70 year olds
Mallet finger Rapture or avulsion of the extensor tendon whre it inserts to DIPs. The DIP rests in flexion
Myelopathy hand Dysfunction of the hand due to cervical spinal cord pathology in conjunction with cervical spondylosis. Inability to extend and adduct the ring and the little finger. Exagerated triceps reflex and + pathological reflex ( Hoffman's reflex)
Created by: kasia1