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Chapter 9 JL AD

he called it what?!

Energy ability to do work
Potential Energy energy has object because of position/shape
Kinetic energy energy of motion
You can add PE and KE to get mechanical energy
KE mv2/2
PE weight x height
Mechanical Energy total energy of motion and position of object
ME potential + kinetic
Thermal Energy total energy of particles that make up object
Chemical Energy energy of compound that changes as its atoms are rearranged to form new compounds
Electrical Energy energy of moving electrons
Sound Energy caused by object’s vibrations
Light Energy produced by vibrations of electrically charged particles
Nuclear Energy energy associated with changes in nucleus of atom
Non-renewable Resources cannot be replaced after they are used or can be replaced only over thousands of millions of years (Ex-coal, petroleum, natural gas)
Coal mainly used for electric power
Petroleum supplies us with gasoline, kerosene, and wax as well as petrochemicals which are used to make synthetic fibers such as rayon
Natural Gas used in heating systems, stoves, ovens, and in vehicles as an alternative to gasoline. Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel
Nuclear Energy used to generate electrical energy
Renewable resources can be used and replaced in nature over a short period of time
Solar Energy sunlight can be converted into electrical energy through the solar cells which can be used in devices such as calculators or installed in a home to provide electrical energy
Hydroelectric Energy electrical energy produced by falling water
Wind Energy a wind turbine coverts kinetic energy into electrical energy by rotating a generator
Geothermal Energy thermal energy resulting from the heating of Earth’s crust is called geothermal energy
Biomass organic matter such as plants, wood, and waste that can be burned to release energy is called biomass
Created by: PhySciLewis1