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Prefixes, RootWords, & Suffixes

gastr stomach gas truck
cardi heart cards
megal enlarged my gal
itis inflimation i test, in flames
dermat skin doormat
plast surgical repair plastic cement
cerebr brain zebra
path disease path, daisies
ectomy surgical removal exit tommy
enter intestine enter sign
osis any condition oh sis, air condition
otomy cut into oh tommy
aden gland a den
angi vessel angel, blood vessel
oma tumor oh mom, two more
nephr kidney nephew, kid on the knee
hepat liver he pat
arthr joint liver
blephar eyelid blue fur
ologist specialist hollow chest
rhin nose rhinacerus
gingiv gum gingerbread man, chewing gum
malacia soft my late show
ology the study of hollow tree
spasm involuntary contraction space man, involuntary contractions
algia pain algea, window pane
crani skull crane
end inside, within the end
hemi half hemisphere
oid like void, alike
hyper above, more than normal high purr
syst sack containing fluid sister
chloe bile coal, coal pile
hypo under hippo
scope examine scope
hyster uterus his stirr, you stirr us
ostomy create an opening o stop tommy
para beside, beyond parachute
lysis loosening, destruction license
cervic neck serve hic
chondr cartilage cone door, cart of leaves
cyan blue sign, blue paint
hem(at) blood hem
ost bone ostrich
psycho mind cycle, mine mine
lip fat lip
my muscle mye eye
lith stone lather
opt(halm) eye up thumb
proct anus proctor and gamble, anacine
cost rib coaster
gram record gram cracker
acro extremities acrobat
rhexis break, burst wreck
carcin cancer car sign, canned cereal
penia decrease pen
gen orgin, production genesis, original production
burso sack purse, sew
retro backwards retreat
trip rub friction trip
strept twist strap
desis binding thesis
mani maddness maniac, mad magazine
glosso tongue glossy
trophy development trophy, housing development
supra above soup
ptosis falling toe sis
dyn pain dinner, window pane
mast breast mast
rrhaphy suture raffle, suit
dent teeth dentist
cephal head sieve fall
auto self auto
epi upon a pea
hydro water hydrant
ovar egg over
centisis puncture cents
oto ear o toe
bili bile bill, pile
squam scale squash
mening membrane manage, men's brain
cec blind passage seek
macul spot mack truck, spots
pexy suspend suspended
onco tumor uncle, two more
or mouth oar
sub under submarine
spiro coil sparrow, coils
lacrim tear lake rim
lact milk vice row
viscero organ lacquer
onych nail, claw onyx
thorac chest throw rack, treasue chest
pyle-pyloro gate pie
vesic bladder vest sick
sphenic wedge sphinx
myel marrow, spinal chord mile, narrow spinal chord
anti against ant eye, against the rock
myco fungus my comb
hallux great toe hall X
physio nature physics book, nature boy
bucco cheeks bucket
palpebr eyelid pile of people
plasia development play show
rug wrinkle, fold, crease rug
aur ear R
acust(i) hearing a cue stick, hearing aid
colpo(o) hollow, vagina cold bow
phon voice, hearing phone
leio smooth lei
cor heart core
ren kidney rain, kids on their knees
orchi testis orchid, test
encephal brain hen sieve fall
thalam inner chamber the lamb, winner chamber
plexus braid plexi glass
cilia eye lashes ceiling
dendr tree, branches den door
phleb vein flip chart
pilo hair pile on
histo tissue his toe
stoma mouth stone
tympan eardrum tin pan
umbilic navel a bill lick
salpingo tube sally bingo
helio sun heel
astr star shaped astronaut
asthenia weakness his thin knee, weekly calendar
fascia sheet, band face, sheet band
iso equal i sew, a quail
tarso ankle tar, placemat
tope place pod
pod foot my leg, bat
maligna bad annex, tied
adnexa ties a cool
ocul eye lab, apple wall
dacry tear daiquiri
ment mind mint, mine mine
part labor, bring forth part, laborer, 2x4
scelr(a) hard scholar, hard hat
somato body sew my toe
trachel neck tray, coal
sinus hollow space sign us
hypno sleep hypnotist
sept wall fence sip
scirr(h) hard skirt, hard hats
antr cavity ant tree, cave in
crine to secrete cryin, to see the wall
dura hard door, hard hats
Created by: Terriana Jones
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