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PTCB Study Guide 2

Tablets Combined with fillers and is then compressed into a hard pellet. Available in fast acting, controlled released, enteri coated, film coated, sublingual (placed under tounge), chewable, and other formulations.
Capsules Drug is contained in a cylindrically shaped shell, which breaks open and the drug is released. Also includes gelatin capsules.
Caplet Oval shaped tablet
Oral Solutions Drug is mixed with but not completly dissolved into a liquid. Needs to be shaken before administered in order to suspend the drug particles evenly.
Syrups Contains a high concentration of sucrose or sugar to sweeten, for ease of use.
Elixirs Contains between 5% and 40% alcohol
Tinctures May contain as little as 17% alcohol or as much as 80% alcohol
Emulsions A suspension involving one liquid in a second liquid with which the first liquid will not be mixed. (oil and water)
Oral Powders Drugs which are in powder form. Usually dissolved in juice or water.
Lozenge and Troche Meant to be dissolved slowly in the mouth and generally have local effect.
Rectal Suppositories Solid or semi-solid bullet shaped dosage forms. Melt at body temperature dispersing the medication.
Enemas Drug is suspended in a solution and infused into the rectum.
Transdermal Patch Medicated adhesive patch applied directly on the skin to deliver a specific dosage of a drug.Have different systemic effect and should be rotated to different sites of the body.
Inhalation Inhaled through the mouth or nose and usually act directly on the respiratory system before entering into the bloodstream.
Epidural Injected into the dura matter (epidural space) of the spinal cord
Intravenous Injected in to the vein
Intramuscular Injected into the muscle
Subcutaneous Injected into the fatty layer under the skin
Intradermal Injected into the top layer of the skin at a slight angle
Intracardiac Injected into the heart
Intraoscular Injected into the eye
Intrathecal Injected into the space surrounding the spinal cord
Intra-Articular Injected into the joint
ACE Inhibitors Block the conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II. Avoiding angiotensin II may aviod increased blood pressure and vasoconstriction.
Antibiotics Inhibits the reproduction of new bacteria cells
Anti-Convulsants Supresses the rapid firing of neurons in the nervous system
Anti-Diabetics Lowers glucose levels in the blood. Only used to treat Type II Diabetes
Benzodiazepines Used as anti-anxiety agents, muscle relaxants, sedatives, and hypnotics.
BETA Blockers Block adrenaline receptors, which are part of the central nervous system and mediate a "Fight or Flight" response which would cause actions in the heart.
Calcium Channel Blockers Work by blocking calcium channels int he cardiac muscle and blood vessels, thereby slowing down the activity in the heart.
Diuretics Used to treat hypertension. Promote evacuation of water from the body with decreases the lad on the cardiovascular system.
HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors (-statin) Inhibit the body's cholesterol production
NSAIDS Commonly used as pain killers and fever reducers. Are non-narcotic and can be sold OTC.
Opioids Provide an analgesic effect by decreasing the perception of pain and increase pain tolerance
Proton Pump Inhibitors Inhibits the action of the gastric proton pump thereby reducing gastric acid production (-prazole)
S.S.R.I. Selective Seratonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors increase the body's Seratonin level by inhibiting its re-uptake int the Presynaptic cell. Commonly indicated as an Antidepressant.
DEA Number Verification 1.Add 1st, 3rd, and 5th numbers together 2.Add 2nd, 4th, and 6th numbers together. Double it. 3.Add the two totals together 4.Second digit in that total is the check digit.
Enteral Medications Given orally and pass through the GI (gstrointestinal
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