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Measurement Tools and Skills

The tool used to measure mass. Triple Beam Balance
The tool used to measure volume of a rectangular solid. Ruler
Describe how to get volume of an irregular object using displacement. Measure the beaker or graduated cylinder of liquid in ml. Put object in water. Take new measurement. Subract the two figures (V2-V1). Convert the unit to cm cubed.
Unit for mass grams
Unit for liquid volume ml
Unit for solid volume cm cubed or cubic cm
How do we measure volume of a liquid? Read the liquid to the nearest unit in ml.
How do we measure volume of a straight sided object? Length x Width x Height
Volume of water before apple placed in is 20 ml. After apple is added, 70 ml. Volume of apple? 50 cm cubed
Length of a box is 25 cm. Width is 2 cm. Height is 1 cm. Volume of box? 50 cm cubed
Using a triple beam balance, one gets the mass of a silver shovel. One arm reads 400 grams, one arm reads 0 grams, and the third arm reads 5 grams. Total mass of silver shovel? 405 grams
Using a triple beam balance, one gets the mass of a gold apple. One arm reads 200 grams, one arm reads 40 grams, and the third arm reads 5 grams. Total mass of apple? 245 grams
When you are reading the volume of water and looking at the meniscus, what part do you read, the top or the bottom part of the curve? bottom part of curve
The lowest part of the curve of the water line is called the ... meniscus
What equipment do I use to put a liquid in to get the volume? graduated cylinder
If length is 5 cm, width is 2 cm, and height is 30 cm, what is the volume? 300 cm cubed
The amount of matter in an object. The amount of "stuff" is measured in grams. Mass
The amount of space an object takes up. We use cm3 or mL to measure this. Volume
How do we measure volume for irregularly shaped objects? A graduated cylinder and water displacement.
If you visited another planet would your mass change? No
If you visited another planet, would your weight change? Most likely
What causes you to have weight? gravitational pull
We weigh less on the moon because the gravitational pull is less or more? less
10 mm equals 1 cm
The amount of space an item takes up is its volume
A beach ball or a steel marble, which has more mass? steel marble
A beach ball or a steel marble, which has more volume? beach ball
Due to the change in gravitational force, would you weigh less or more on the moon? Less!
Which item would displace more water...a very small marble or a ping pong ball full with sand? Ping pong ball, it takes up more space.
What process do you do with the before the object and after the object is added in mL? add or subtract the numbers Subtract the two volumes.
I have a graduated cylinder filled with water at the increment level of 50. What unit is it? mL.
If I get a strange measurement ON THE TRIPLE BEAM for something I'm getting the mass of, most likely I didn't set the balance to ___________. zero
Tool used to get volume of a liquid. graduated cylinder or beaker
If my box has a total volume of 40 cm. cubed. Tell me what the length width and height could be. ANY THREE NUMBERS MULTIPLIED TOGETHER THAT EQUAL 40
1 km equals how many meters? 1000
1000 grams equals how many KILO grams? 1
2 liters equals how many mL? 2000
Here it is! The big money question. How could an item have more mass but have less volume than another item? Give an example. IF ON TEAM OZONE, EMAIL CORRECT ANSWER TO MRS. YOUNG @ paulayoung@ga.ozark.12.mo.us May the odds be ever in your favor
6 meters equals how many centimeters? 600
Created by: mrsyoung