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Developmental milestone

1 month tracks a moving object, head usually to side, reciprocal and symmetrical kicking, possitive support and primary walking reflexes in supportd standing, hands fisted with indwelling thumb, neonatal reaching, alert, brightening expression
2 months head elevation to 45 in pron, prone on elbows with elbows behind the shoulders, astasia-abasia ( doesn't accept weight on LEs), responds to friendly handling
3 months prone on elbows, WB on forearms, elbows in line with shoulders, head elevated to 90 , head in midline in suppine and hands on the chest, increased back extension and scapular adduction in supported siting, takes some weight with toes curled in supported
4 months rolls prone to side, supine to side, sits with support, no head lag in pull to sit, optical and labitynth head righting present, B reaching w forearm pronated, ulnar palmar grasp, laughs out loud
5 months rolls prone -supine, weigh shiftson arms in prone, head controll in supported sitting
6 months prone on hands with elbows ext., weight shift from hand to hand, rolls supine to prone, indippendent sitting, pulls to stand, bounces
7 months maintain quadruped, pivots on belly & in prone, assumes sitting from quadruped, trunk rot in sitting, recognize tone of voice, may show fear of strangers
8-9 months belly crawls, quadruped creeping, moves quadruped to sitting, side sitting, pulls to stand through kneeling, cruises sideway, can stand alone, reaches with closest arm. radial digital grasp, radial palmar, 3 jaw chuck, inferior pincer, can transfer object
10-15 months begins to walk unassisted, begins self feeding, reaches with supination, neat pincer grasp, can release object, build tower of 2 cubes, searches for hidden toys, suspitiof of stangers, plays patty cake, peek a boo, imitates
20 months asceds stairs step to pattern ( 2 feet on each step), running more coordinated, jumps off the bottom steps, plays make believe
2 years runs well, reciprocal steir climbing, active, restless, tantrums
3 year old rides tricycle, stands on one foot briefly, jumps with two feet, understands sharing
3 1/2 year old hops on one foot, kicks ball
4 year old hops on one foot several times, stands on tiptoes, throws ball overhead, realates to friends
5 year old skips, kicks ball well, dresses self
Created by: kasia1
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