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Building Self-Esteem

Chapter 3

In your own words, describe the term "self-esteem". Self-esteem is having pride in yourself and having a feeling of self-worth.
Describe how self-esteem affects your life. Self-esteem can affect your self-confidence, your ability to succeed at the things you try, and even how well you do in school.
Describe the characteristics of someone that has a high self-esteem. People that have a high self-esteem have a positive outlook on life, feel good about themselves, are confident, and are not affected deeply by the negative comments of others.
Identify 5 influences on your self-esteem. Friends, family, teachers/coaches, the media, and yourself.
EExplain how having an unhealthy body image can affect your self-esteem. People that have an unhealthy body image may not be able to think positively about themselves. Also, they may be uncomfortable about others.
What is self-concept? Self-concept is how you see yourself as a person.
How is self-concept different from self-esteem? Self-concept is how you see yourself as a person. Self-esteem is how much you value and like yourself as a person.
What are 3 areas of self-concept? Academic, physical, and social.
Claudia sees herself as a good student with many friends. However, she does not feel that she is good at sports. Claudia does not let this bother her, she focuses on her strengths. What is Claudias self-concept? What level is her self-esteem? Claudia has a healthy self-concept, which helps her keep her healthy self-esteem.
Describe 3 keys to self-esteem. Answers will vary: having integrity, being assertive, respecting yourself, etc.
How can having a mentor help your self-esteem? A mentor will give you support, encouragement, and advice. Their actions can help your self-esteem.
How can volunteer work help your self-esteem? Helping people in need helps you better yourself. You will also feel a sense of accomplishment
How does having integrity, respecting yourself, and being assertive help you to have a healthy self-esteem. It allows you to trust yourself and gives you a framework to make good decisions with confidence.
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