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LAE 3414

Literature for Children

What are the six literary elements in a narrative story? Setting, Characterization, Plot, Theme, Style and Point of View.
What are five types of non-narratives? Descriptive, Expository, Persuasive, Non-fiction and Poetry.
What is the setting? Time and place in which the story occurs.
What is characterization? Means by which an author establishes credibility of the character.
What is the plot? The sequence of story events.
What is the theme? The central unifying idea.
What is the style? How an author writes - the vocabulary and the syntax.
What is the point of view? Part of the style, the perspective in which the story is told.
What are the 3 types of point of view? 1st person, 3rd person limited and omniscient.
What is 1st person? Solely from characters point of view (uses the pronoun I)
What is 3rd person limited? Limits the information to what the central character could logically know
What is Omniscient? All knowing.
What are the 9 types of genre? Picture books, Poetry, Folklore, Fantasy, Realistic Fiction, Historical Fiction, Biography, Nonfiction and Culturally Diverse.
What are the two types of books written? textbooks and trade books (books for entertaining - includes all genres including nonfiction)
What is transactional reading? Link between what a child brings to story and what story is about.
What is aesthetic reading? reading for fun - no test.
What is efferent reading? reading for fact.
What was the pre-literature age? oral tradition - no thought to literature for children
What 2 types of stories were in the pre-literature age? cottage tales and castle tales
What were hornbooks? not books - written on a wooden paddle - instructional purposes
What were chapbooks (pennybooks)? folded paper similar to a newspaper - not specifically for children - 1st time books were affordable.
What was the Golden Age of literature? the invention of the printing press, making books affordable, early illustrators, colored pictures, rhymes
What publishing company established a children's publishing division? McMillan Publishing
What is the Newberry Medal? Given to American authors for outstanding writing of a children's book - only one per year.
What is the Newberry Honor? Runner-up to the Newberry medal.
What is the Caldecott Medal? Given to American illustrator for the best illustrations in children's book - only one per year.
What year are the Newberry and Caldecott awards given? The year following publication (i.e. 2011 medal winner - book published in 2010)
What is the Gilded Age? Covers are pretty - quality is poor.
What is the Gild to Guilt age? racist and sexist books published, bibliotherapy is popular (self help books)
What is a traditional tale? original author unknown - "The Was an Old Woman who Swallowed a Fly"
What is a cummulative story? A story built on itself - "There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly"
What are 3 ways illustrations compliment a Picture book? no text - pictures tell the story; pictures compliment the text; illustrations extend the text
What are the 8 types of picture books? toy books (pop-ups), interactive (I spy),concept(facts and story), alphabet books (Chicka Chicka Boom Boom), Counting books, Patterned (Going on a Bear Hunt), Beginning to Read, Transitional Books (Frog & Toad, Junie B. Jones)
What is an anthology? collection of poems by many different poets in one book.
What is the singing quality of a poem? rhythm, melody and movement
What are the 4 sound patterns in poetry? Alliteration, assonance, Onomatopoeia and Repitition
What is alliteration? repetition of initial consonant sounds (peter piper)
What is assonance? repetition of vowel (fuzzy wuzzy)
What is onomatopoeia? words that create sound (ooze, thud, drip, plop)
Name the two types of imagery? metaphors and similes
What is personification? human characteristics given to inanimate objects.
What is a hyperbole? a gross exaggeration
What are the 6 styles of poetry? narrative, limerick, haiku, cinaquin, free verse and shape
What is a narrative style poem? poem that tells a story/feelings and rhymes
what is a limerick style poem? poem that has 5 lines; lines 1,2 &5 rhyme and lines 3&4 rhyme (AABBA)
what is a haiku? poem that has 3 lines, 17 syllables about nature - 5,7,5
what is a cinaquain? poem that has 5 lines, 22 syllables, 2,4,6,8,2
What is a shape poem? the poem is written in the shape of the subject (ice cream cone, hershey kiss)
What is a free verse poem? poem that conveys story without rhyming
What are the five types of traditional literature? folktales, tall tales, fables, mythology and legends
What are the five characteristics of a folktale? 1. action starts quickly 2. characters are flat 3. predictable 4. conventions & motifs 5. recognizable pattern
What is a flat or stock character? characters that do not change, not well developed (prince is always handsome, step-mother is always bad)
What is a convention? adds to concept of the story (Once upon a time, Happily ever after or numbers 3,4, 5, 7 or 11)
What is a motif? a wish or a spell
What is a noodlehead tale? character is simple minded - causes the reader to laugh at ourselves - nothing changes except perceptive
What is a pourquoi tale? Title begins with "Why".
What is a fable? Animal characters with a moral, only a few paragraphs
What is a legend? A story from contemporary past regarded as true in a worldly way. (King Arthur)
What is a hero tale? focuses on a person from the past (John Henry, Johnny Appleseed, Davey Crockett)
What is a tall tale? Only traditional literature from USA - very far fetched (Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill)
Why is mythology? Takes place in the remote past, very complicated (Greek, Norse, Roman - simple story)
What is fantasy literature? Impossible becomes convincingly possible
What is a literary tale? has the same qualities of a folktale only the author is known
What evolved into fantasy? literary tale
What are the 5 types of fantasy? Quest stories, time warp, animal fantasies, magic & humor and science fiction
What is a quest story? character is searching for something
What is a time warp? also called time slip, start at one point in time and go forward or back throughout the story
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