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Geography &History

Social Studies Chapter one

elevation Height above sea level
absolute location Exact position of a place on the earth's surface.
river systems river plus all the streams that flow into it
landforms Natural features of the earth's land surface
artifacts Things that were made by people.
legend Folktale to explain the past.
core The middle layer of the earth, made of solid, hot rock.
The five themes of geography help explain the What a place is like and why.
Mountains, Plateaus, and Plains are examples of Major Landforms
Stories that are based on real people and events are called Legends
About what percent of the earth's surface is covered by land? 30 percent
Which theme of geography answers the question, "What is the place like?" Place
Heat and pressure from the earth's core cause the crust to Move slowly in sections called plates.
tectonic plates Sections of the earth’s crust that move slowly.
__________ commonly occurs at the edges of techtonic plates. Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Where would the earliest people usually built their villages? in river valleys
________________ is the part of the earth where the sun's rays strike most directly. The tropical zone
_________ is an example of a nonrenewable resource. Coal
Which geographic factor had the greatest effect on the growth of modern industry? natural resources
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