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shakespeare vocabu


Aliteration the repition of initial consonant sounds;is used to create melody, est. mood and call atention to certain words
allusion an indirect reference to a person, thing event situation, or aspect of culture real or fitional, past or presnet
aside a remark spoken in an undertone by one character either to the audience or to another character
chorus a single actor who recites the prologue
couplet any two lines stanza that contains a complete thought; couplets are usally rhymed
foil a character who provides a stricking contrast to a main character, thus calling attenntion to certain traits of the main character
foreshadowing a technique of providing the reader or viewer with hints, clues, or indication about the futureaction of thge story or play
irony in general, a contrast between what appears to be and what it really is
metaphor an implied comparison between two essentially inlike things without using like or as
oxymoron a figure of speech that produces an effect by seeming self-contaditory, as in "wise fool"
personofication a figure of speech in which human charcteristics are assigned to nonhuman things, or life attributed to inanmate objects
prologue an intor speech, often in verse, calling attenition to the theme
prose the ordinary form of spoken or written language which does not have redular rhythmic pattern or meter
pun a play on words based on similaritys of sounds between two words with different meanings
simile a figiure of speech int which two essentially differnt things are directly compared , usally with the words like or as
solilogy a speech of a character in a play delivered while the peaker is alone that informs the audience of wht is passing in the characeter's mind or gives info concerning other participants in the action which is esstenial for the audience to know
sonnet a lyric poem of fourteen lines. the shakespearan sonnet contains three quatrain each with a rhyme of its own and a rhymed couplet
tragedy a dramatic compostion dealing with a serious or somber theme, tempically that of a noble peron whoses character is flawed by a single weakness such as pride
tragic flaw a flaw in a charcterthat brings about the downfall of the hero of the tragity
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