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review humidity

Humidity Therapy

what is absolute Humidity? the actual content or weight of water present in a given volume of gas.
what is ISO? International Standards Organization
What does ISO recommend with absolute Humidity? AH of 33mmgH2O/L
How should AH be titrated? dependant on individual needs of patient
what is 98.6 F in celcius? 37 degrees
what does cooling the gas do to AH? decrease AH
what is relative humidity? the ratio of how much water a gas sample is actually holding
what is BTPS? body, temperature at the pressure to which the patient is exposed and 100% saturated with water vapor
what is Isothermic saturation Boundary? at or below carina, the point where inspired gases are fully saturated and warmed to body temp.
what best describes Vapor pressure? pressure of vapor in lings exert 47mmHg
what best describes humidity deficit? the amount of water vapor needed to achive full saturation at body temperature.
what does humidity therapy involve? adding water vapor and sometimes heat to the inspired gas
what is the primary goal of humidification? maintain normal conditions in lower airways thinning of bronchial secretions sputum inductions
what are the goals of humidity? reduce airway swelling, removal of thick secretions, prevent airway response to cold air
what are the hazards of humidity? bronchospasm ( cool mist), infection, over hydration
what are the three varibles that affect qulity of a humdifer's prefomance? Temperature, surface area, contact time
what are the low flow humidifiers? bubble, jet
what are the high flow humidifiers? heated bubble, passover, wick, vapor phase, capillary force, membrane type, HME
what are the contraindications of HME? patients with thick or bloody secretions, body temp lees than 32 degrees, high spontaneous mv, HME must be taken out for aerosolied medication
what are the two types of asthmatics? Intrinsic= non seasonal and Extrinsic= inhaled airborne antigen aka atopic asthma
Created by: latoswats