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Pivot Point Ch 1

Professional Development Chapter 1

Which of the following terms defines the art and science of beauty care? a. oncology b. cosmetology c. ethical conduct d. personal hygiene COSMETOLOGY
Which of the following would NOT play a part in your commitment to success as a cosmetologist? a. insufficient rest b. human relations c. effective communication d. a healthy mind and body INSUFFICIENT REST
Fatigue can be prevented through: a. bad health b. lack of sleep c. poor hygiene d. rest and relaxation REST AND RELAXATION
How many hours of sleep do most people need to function properly? a. 1 to 2 hours b. 3 to 4 hours c. 6 to 8 hours d. 9 to 12 hours 6 TO 8 HOURS
Keeping muscles toned, organs working properly and equipping the body to better cope with a stressful situation are benefits of: a. hygiene b. exercise c. ergonomics d. human relations EXERCISE
In order to avoid getting caught up in worry and fear, what steps could be taken? a. exercising weekly b. complaining verbally c. controlling thoughts and emotions d. following a personal hygiene plan CONTROLLING THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS
Personal and professional well being and providing prevention for certain diseases are benefits of: a. a balanced diet b. proper oral hygiene c. good human relations d. practicing verbal communication A BALANCED DIET
The energy contained in food is measured in: a. calories b. degrees c. fat content d. protein content. CALORIES
Health hazards such as impure air and improper storage and use of food fall under the category of: a. oral hygiene b. public hygiene c. personal hygiene d. personal grooming PUBLIC HYGIENE
An individual's system of maintaining cleanliness and health is known as: a. nutrition b. public hygiene c. public sanitation d. personal hygiene PERSONAL HYGIENE
Maintaining healthy teeth and keeping the breath fresh is called: a. halitosis b. oral hygiene c. public sanitation d. public intoxication ORAL HYGIENE
To maintain clean and healthy hair, what plan should a salon professional follow? a. trendy styling b. always curling c. daily hair-care program d. constant styling with hair spray DAILY HAIR-CARE PROGRAM
When applying makeup, contouring with light colors will usually have what effect on the face a. narrowing b. broadening c. highlighting d. moisturizing BROADENING
Which type of makeup application will create a narrow appearance of the face? a. applying makeup lightly b. applying makeup heavily c. contouring with dark colors d. contouring with light colors CONTOURING WITH DARK COLORS
Which type of shoes should be worn to reduce the fatigue caused by standing for long periods of time a. old shoes b. tennis shoes c. high-heeled shoes d. low, broad-heeled shoes LOW, BROAD-HEELED SHOES
In order to dress for success, a cosmetologist should consider all of the following EXCEPT: a. freshly washed clothing b. unflattering, tight clothing c. clean and polished shoes d. flattering personal styles with current trends UNFLATTERING, TIGHT CLOTHING
Keeping the lower abdomen flat, the chin level and the head up are key points in having: a. bad posture b. good posture c. potential injuries d. a poor standing position GOOD POSTURE
When sitting in a chair, it is important to: a. keep feet apart b. keep knees apart c. sit forward in the chair d. sit well back in the chair SIT WELL BACK IN THE CHAIR
The science that looks at how individuals perform work and what body movements, tools and equipment benefit the health and comfort of the cosmetologist and client is called: a. economics b. ergonomics c. public hygiene d. personal hygiene ERGONOMICS
All of the following can help prevent neck and back strain EXCEPT: a. working with the back straight b. reaching overhead for supplies c. using free-standing shampoo bowls d. adjusting the height of the client`s chair REACHING OVERHEAD FOR SUPPLIES
Which of the following preventative measures will help alleviate foot and leg problems a. wearing high heels b. standing for long periods of time c. wearing shoes with poor arch support d. raising your feet on a stool during breaks RAISING YOUR FEET ON A STOOL DURING BREAKS
Which of the following will help prevent shoulder strain a. holding heavy clippers b. reaching across a table to manicure c. reaching for supplies on a high shelf d. adjust height of chair when you work on client Adjust height of chair when you work on client
In order to completely understand and interpret the needs of a client, it is important to practice: a. two-way communication b. three-way communication c. vitality and bad manners d. emotional control and a negative attitude TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION
Repeating back in your own words what a client just stated is known as: a. using tact b. using overtones c. reflective listening d. one-way communication REFLECTIVE LISTENING
How should a cosmetologist respond to a client insisting on a color treatment that is not flattering for the client`s complexion a. use tact b. use overtones c. display a negative attitude d. offer a quick unreflective response USE TACT
Ann, a cosmetologist, is trying to communicate the hairstyle that would best suit a client. Which item would help Ann communicate the hairstyle to the client a. color wheel b. style book c. retail display d. consultation card STYLE BOOK
Which of the following conditions should NOT lead to added stress a. satisfied client b. long hours of standing c. increased pace of work d. high customer expectations SATISFIED CLIENT
After performing a service on a hard to deal with client, Diane vents her frustrations to other clients. Which of the following terms identifies Diane`s display of emotion a. vitality b. attitude c. flexibility d. grammar ATTITUDE
Which of the following statements describes courtesy a. impatient gestures b. controversial topics c. thoughtfulness of others d. rudeness toward others THOUGHTFULNESS OF OTHERS
What two key words should be used when trying to improve teamwork a. consideration and politics b. cooperation and overtones c. consideration and cooperation d. client`s behavior and cooperation CONSIDERATION AND COOPERATION
What is an individual`s personal system of moral principles and values called a. public relations b. communication c. personal ethics d. professional ethics PERSONAL ETHICS
Personal ethics include the following attributes EXCEPT a. values b. personality c. moral principles d. negative attitude NEGATIVE ATTITUDE
Proper conduct in relationships with your employer, co-workers and clients is known as: a. economics b. communication c. personal hygiene d. professional ethics PROFESSIONAL ETHICS
Adherence to a professional code of ethics reflects on an individual`s: a. integrity b. charisma c. dishonesty d. displeasure INTEGRITY
Which of the following responsibilities is NOT found in the professional code of ethics a. failure to fulfill obligations b. being loyal to employer and co-workers c. being fair and courteous to your co-workers d. showing respect for others feelin FAILURE TO FULFILL OBLIGATIONS
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