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RET 1350-2013

Aerolised Rx

Proventil or Ventolin SVN/2.5mg, MDI/2 puffs Albuterol Sulfate
Xopenex SVN/0.63mg or 1.25mg tid Levalbuterol
Serevent MDI/2 puffs bid Salmeterol xinafoate
Isuprel Stimulates the heart - Rarely used for inhalation Isoproterenol
Foradil DPI/12 mcg bid Formoterol
Tornalate SVN/1.25mg MDI/2 puffs bid-qid Bitolterol
Not FDA approved for inhalation Atropine
Atrovent SVN/0.50mg MDI/2 puffs qid Ipratropium bromide
Spiriva DPI/ 18 mcg qd Tiotropium bromide
Adrenaline SVN/as ordered qid Primatene mist MDI/prn, 0.2mg/puff Epinephrine
Vaponephrine or S2 SVN/as ordered Racemic epinephrine
Rx was replaced by Tilade Intal
Tilade MDI/2 puffs qid Nedocromil sodium
Mucomyst 2-4ml of 10% or 20% solution Given with a bronchodilator Used as diluent/solvent Acetylcysteine
TOBI SVN, Use separate nebulizer, pre-suction if needed, avoid post-suction Tobramycin
Colistin Pre-suction if needed, avoid post-suction Colomycin
Vancocin Pre-suction if needed; avoid post-suction Used to increase MRSA Vancomycin
Virazole 2% (20mg/ml solution by SPAG-2 device Ribavirin
Aero-Bid MDI/2 puffs bid Flunisolide
Flovent MDI 2 Puffs DPI bid Fluticasone propionate
Pulmacort SVN 0.25 or 0.50mg/2ml Budesonide
Advair DPI bid Fluticasone propionate and salmeterol
Combivent MDI 2 puffs qid Ipratropium bromide and albuterol
DuoNeb SVN Ipratropium bromide 0.50mg and albuterol 3mg Ipratropium bromide and albuterol
Belcovent/Vanceril Belcomethasone Corticosteroid
Azmacort Triamcinalone Corticosteroid
Symbicort Combo - Pulmacort (Budesonide) & Foradil (Formoterol) Long acting B2 (MDI)
HPA-axis endogeneous corticosteroid production regulator HPA = Hypothalamus - Pituitary - Adrenal
Nebupent Pentamidine Antimicrobial given via respiraguard nebulizer system
Virazole Ribavirin Antimicrobial given via SPAG-2 device
Relenza Zanamivir; Antimicrobial given via DPI Tx influenza
Nondepolarizing agents Skeletal muscle paralysis occurs, but no neurological effect: Must be given with a sedative.
Curare Tubocurarine; Nondepolarizing agent; Reversible with Tensilon (Edrophonium)
Pavulon Pancuronium; Nondepolarizing agent; Reversible with Tensilon (Edrophonium)
Norcuron Norcuronium; Nondepolarizing agent; Reversible with Tensilon (Edrophonium)
Depolarizing Agents Maintain muscle tissue in a refractory state after depolarization; Indicated for short-term neuromusucular relaxation (5 mins for intubation).
Brovana Arformoterol; Long acting B2; Competes commercially w/ Serevent
Used as pallitive tx to reduce dyspnea; and as analgesic Fentanyl; Opiod (narcotic), analgesic
Lasix Furosemide; Diuretic; Used only at certain hopitals; to reduce dyspnea.
Exubera A form of insulin
Anti-leukotrienes None available in MDI
Created by: bhilaire