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mid term

Diedrich Kerbockers History of New York Washington Irving
Ledgend of Sleepy Hallow Writer Washington Irving
Gothic Writer (Horror) Edgar Allen Poe
Important literary Critic Edgar Allen Poe
1st american detective story writer Edgar Allen Poe
Writer of the Birthmark Nathaniel hawthorn
Science Fiction Story Nathaniel Hawthorn
Know for puritan era Nathaniel Hawthorn
Scribrener (office culture) Herman Melville
Moby Dick Herman Melville
Travel writer Herman Melville
White Heron Sarah Orne Jewett
regional writer Sarah Orne Jewett
Country of the pointed Firs Sarah Orne Jewett
Didnt live in the big city (2) sarah orne jewett Mary wilkins freeman
the storm kate chopin
naturalism kate chopin steven crane
Subjects of social pressure kate chopin
1at african american short story writer published Charles W Chesnutt
born in cleveland charles w chesnutt
lawyer and writer charles w chesnutt
the wife of his youth and other stories charles w chesnutt
yellow wallpaper Charlet perkins gilman
economist charlet perkins gilman
women and economics charlet perkins gilman
old women mcgoun mary wilkins freeman
married late and it turned out bad mary wilkins freeman
new england nun and other stories mary wilkins freeman
blue hotel steven crane
social norms steven crane
natures inpulse steven crane
journalist steven crane
civil war novel: red badge of curage steven crane
muck raking - girl on the streets steven crane
divorce of the wealthy edith wharton
american money class edith wharton
"novelist of manners" edith wharton
house of mirth edith wharton
age of innocence edith wharton
pauls case willa cather
immagrant classic willa cather
my antonia willia cather
clean well lighted place ernest hemingway
saying the least possible style ernest hemingway
ice burg principle ernest hemingway
sun also rises lost generation ernest hemingway
alcoholic case F scott fitzgerald
celebrity couple f scott fitzgerald
great gatsby f scott fitzgerald
poet william carlos williams
doctor was his day job william carlose williams
girl with the pimply face william carlos williams
first international prose writer washington irving
Created by: gs090180
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