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CDC Questions

Volume 3

Whose responsibility is it to ensure maximum use of AMC airlift capability while eliminating the unnecessary procurement of commercial airlift? The Single Passenger Reservation System (SPRS)
Where are the controlling and regional PRCs located? The controlling PRC is located at Scott AFB, IL. The regional PRCs are located at Rhein Main, Germany, Hickam AFB, Hawaii, and Yokota AB, Japan.
Name the functional areas normally assigned to PRCs. Command or Management; Reservation Control; Plans, Programs, and System Analysis; Training.
Which PRC functional are develops procedures for mechanizing, automating, and standardizing the reservation's system to include all communication and data automation requirements? Plans, Programs, and System Analysis
Name 3 types of reservation requests. Normal Requests; No-Name Requests; Requests that need special handling; Processing or Arrangements
Who is responsible for ensuring that passenger movements are authorized? Requesting Activity
List the 4 reservation responses that the AMC reservation activity sends. Confirmation; Advice/Hold Notice; Non-availability of AMC capability; Reservation Update
Who corrects reservation requests that contain obvious errors? The PRC
Can you guarantee seats to space- available passengers? No
How often is the space-required standby register run? Daily
Which documents are required for reserves and guards to show to register for space available? DD form 2 (green) and DD Form 1853, Verification of reserve status for travel eligibility.
What are the various ways a passenger may sign up for space available travel? In person, using the AF Form 140, or remote signup by fax, email, or mail.
What should you check to see if a passenger's space-available priveleges have been withdrawn? The lastes HQ/ AMC DONP ineligible message
Each passenger traveling space-available must be in compliance with what publications? DODR 4515.13 and DoD 4500.54 Foreign Clearance Guide
What form is filled out if a passenger meets all space available travel requirements? AMC Form 53, Application for Air Travel
How many different countries may a passenger sign up for? 5
How much baggage is a space available passenger authorized? 2 pieces not to exceed 62 linear inches each and combined weight of 140 pounds. Carry on may not exceed 45 linear inches and must fir under the passenger's seat.
How long may space-available passengers remain on the register? 60 days or until their leave expires.
What time is used when signing up space-available passengers? Greenwich Mean Time (ZULU)
How often is the space-available passenger register run? Daily
Which publication specifies requirements for all passenger categories? DODR 4515.13, Air Transportation Eligibility
How many digits are in a customer identification code (CIC)? 15
Using the air movement designator OSN-SUU-3-PU-AZ-03, what is the month in which the travel will take place? March
Do family members on duty status have to travel on a military aircraft? No, if a commercial aircraft is available.
When should you charge space-available passengers the $6.00 head tax? For every passenger departing the US on a category B international flight.
If a passenger wants to sign up, but does not have the necessary documents, you will: allow them to sign up and not the needed documents on the front of the AMC Form 53.
When is the manifest closeout time for a flight? No more than 1 hour to block time.
In which publication are dress standards of personal appearance set forth? AFI 36-2903
What source documents are used to obtain information to complete a manifest? Passenger's travel orders/ AMC Form 53
What is placed on the top of the passenger's travel orders by the traffic management flight? CIC (Customer Identification Code)
Which boarding pass is used at stations with SPRACS capability? AMC Form 148, AMC Boarding Pass/Ticket
Which boarding pass is filled out by hand? AMC 148/2, AMC Boarding Pass/Ticket/Reciept
When are the agent signature and passenger signature blocks signed on a boarding pass? Only when the passenger has recieved a refund
As a minimum, how many copies of the DD Form 2131, Passenger Manifest, are prepared? 3
What information, if any, is entered in the remarks sectioon of a DD Form 2131, Passenger Manifest, for a space-available passenger? Priority, type of travel, sponsering service, "H" date and time of signup
When is the military allowed to ship pets? Only in conjunction with a PCS move
how many copies of DD Form 1131 should be prepared for monies deposited with an Air Force financial service office? 5
what meal(s) would be served on a flight departing the originating station at 0830 and arriving at the final destination at 1300? Luch meal and complimentary snack/beverages
Who may designate a load message to be classified as SECRET? headquarters AMC
Who closely monitors all aerial port ground handling operatins and maintains constant communication with the dispatchers in the information control function? The ramp controller
What function posts all amendments and advises each work center with any changes in the mission schedules? Capability Forecasting
What is the maximum number of pallets that go on the main cargo deck of the C-5 aircraft? 32
When is the AMC Form 272 completed After you sequence the load
What is the minimum number of copies for each final cargo manifest? 6
The terminal inventory is accomplished at least every other day by: load planning
Who determines what accomodations are provided to group passengers delayed on a military flight? The troop command`
Where is the AMC Form 53 prepared? At the passenger check-in counter.
How many copies of the TWCF manifest does records/reports forward to the designated RTDPC? 2
Who initiates an AF Form 463? the supervisor at the beginning of each shift
What is considered excess baggage? baggage that exceeds the normal baggage allowance (2 bags/140 pounds total and to exceed 62 linear inches)
Can a space-available passenger have excess baggage? No
What pets are considered household pets? Domestic dogs and cats
When is the firm meal order passed? 40 minutes prior to block time
If crew members' order meals after the final fleet servicing or 45 minutes prior block time, who picks up the meals? The flight crews
True or False: You can serve a meal to passengers on a flight lasting 1 hour and 15 minutes. False. Only complimentary beverages are served.
True or false: Soda and fruit juice is served on all flights. False. TWCF scheduled channel military passenger and dual-configured missions with a comfort pallet are authorized to serve soda and fruit juice.
True or false: The tentative meal order is passed to the flight kitchen 2 hours prior to block time. True
Weapons can be transported as checked baggage. True, if they are placed there prior to the anti-hijack inspection.
Tru or False: Gollf clubs that exceed 70 pounds are allowed. False
Who obtains a statement for pilfered baggage? Security Police
How many miles radius from the terminal is lost baggage delivered to its owner by AMC? Within a 60 mile radius of the terminal
How is a multipallet identified on the load message? A "T" followed by the number of pallets on the train
How many pallet positions does a C-130 have? 6
Which aircraft needs a walkway on the lefts side of the cargo compartment (facing forward) along the side or over the top of the cargo? C-130
Which aircraft carries 13 pallets? C-14B
What is the maximum ewight limit of the ramp pallet on the C-141? 7500 lbs.
What is the averag ACL for the C-14B aircraft? 60000 lbs.
True or False: The C-5B is the largest transport aircraft currently in use by the Air Force. True
How many pallets go on the C-5B aircraft? 36
How many pallets can go onto the main deck of the C-5B? 32
True or False: The C-17 provides increased speed and payload capabilities over the C-130 and the C-141 aircraft. True
How are the 88" sides of the 463L pallets loaded on the C-17? Laterally
What method does load planning use as the basis when selecting cargo for a flight? First in, first out method.
What form is used to show the placement of all cargo aboard a channel mission? AMC Form 272
When is the AMC Form 272 completed? When the load has been selected and sequenced
What is considered the center of balance? The point at which an item balances if suspended from that point.
You have an aircraaft with a gross weight of 299,800 pounds and the total moments of 33,160 (simplified by 10,000). Where would the C/B of this onload be? 1106 inches
True or False: Golf clubs that exceed 70 pounds can be checked in. False
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