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What is predicting? to make a logical assumption about future events
What is using text aids? being able to look at a schedule or map
What is plot? the sequence of related events in a story; exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution
What is the conflict? the struggle between two opposing forces in the story
What is narrative structure? the form or pattern a story follows
What is forshadowing? the author provides clues that hint at events to come and it creates suspnse
What is a flashback? flasbacks show what motives a character has or reveals something important about the character
What does the prefix -re mean? "back" or "to look back"
What does the prefix -pre mean? "before" or "advance"
What is a common noun? names any person place or thing
What is a proper noun? names a particular person,place or thing
What is an abstract noun? names ideas or beliefs
What is a concrete noun? things you can see, feel, touch, taste or hear
What is a posessive noun? a noun that shows ownership
mischievious playful;naughty
vivid lively;strong
studious devoted to learning
tantalized tormented by something out of reach
affectionate loving
scarce few in nuber;not common
decadent marked by decay or decline
partition an interior dividing wall
descendants one's children, their children and so on
preliminary introductory or preparatory
innumerable uncountable;many
wretched miserable
gnarled twisted and lumpy with age
quaint charming in an old fashioned way
previous former;earlier
amounted added up
prodigy a wonder or unusually talented person
periscope a tubular instrument used by submarines to see on the surface
chugging moving with a puffing sound
prefer to like better
legacy anything handed down from the past
exploits used to best advantage
customary based on a custom or tradition
courtesy a polite remark or gesture
reputation widely-held opinion about a person whether its good or bad
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