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Geography Basics

The study of the earth's physical and human features is called ______________ Geography
What is a global citizen? Someone who considers themselves a protector of the world; being part of the world, not just your country
3-D model of the Earth Globe
A flat representation of the world Map
Object in space that relates information to the Earth Satellite
A device that uses satellites to locate places on Earth GPS
Computer-based mapping technology that combines data and maps GIS
Which geo tool provides the most acccurate location information? GPS
Which geo tool shows the most accurate shape of the world? Globe
Which geo tool is the most expensive? Satellite
Which geo tools use satellites? GPS and GIS
GPS uses how many satellites? 24 (29 total with 5 extra)
Part of the GPS that communicates with the satellite Receiver
Google Earth and Maps is an example of what technology? GIS
Which type of map shows physical features, elevation, and water bodies? Physical Map
Which type of map shows countries, capitals, and borders? Political Map
Which type of map shows a special topic or one subject? Thematic Map
A parallel line around the middle of the globe indicating 0 degrees latitude is the Equator
Type of map that would show population Thematic Map
Type of map that would show a region Political Map
Type of map that would show major rivers in a region Physical Map
Type of map that would show climates of a region Thematic Map
Type of map that would show nearness to the ocean Physical Map
DOGSTAIL stands for... Date, Orientation, Grid, Scale, Title, Author, Index, and Legend
Where would you look to find out how distances on a map compare to the actual distances on land? Scale Bar
What is the best way to find out the subject of a map? Title
A person who makes maps is known as a Cartographer
GEO means... Earth
The date on the map is important because of Reliability
Which part of the map explains the map colors and symbols? Legend
Which part of the map shows orientation? Compass Rose
Latitude and Longitude are part of... The Global Grid
The Poles are located at _____ degrees north and south 90
A meridian that runs from North Pole to South Pole at 180 degrees longitude is the _____________________________ International Date Line
The ____________________ is the southern boundary of the tropics Tropic of Capricorn
The _____________________ is the northern boundate of the tropics Tropics of Cancer
Meridian that runs from North Pole to South Pole through Greenwich, England at 0 degrees Prime Meridian
The four hemispheres are the NW, SW, NE, and SE
The Equator runs through which three continents? South American, Africa, and Asia
The Prime Meridian runs through which three continents? Europe, Africa, and Antarctica
Name the 5 oceans Pacific, Arctic, Atlantic, Southern, and Indian
List three reasons Geography is important to study To know the location of places To create mental maps of our community, country, and world. To learn how the Earth has formed and changed To appreciate our Environment To understand history To Understand cultures To become aware of issues
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