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talias PREview in re

test review

an informed guess about what will happen next based on story details predicting
a scedual using text aids
the sequence of events that takes you through a story...exposition,rising,falling action,resolution ect. plot
problem in a story conflict
things that have happened in the past flashback
hints about what will happen in the future foreshadow
form or pattern a story follows narrative structure
key letters for before or in advance pre
key words for to do over again re
person,place or thing common noun
particular person,place or thing proper noun
refering to more than one person,place or thing plural noun
name people,place or things that can be percieved by your five sences concrete nouns
name ideas,beliefs,qualities or concepts abstract nouns
to show ownership ends in 's or s' possessive nouns
polite behavior courtesy
of or established by customary
noteable deed exploits
something handed down from ancestors legacy
like better than prefer
moving with a puffing sound chugging
a tubular instrument used by submarines periscope
unusually talented person prodigy
opinion held abut a person reputation
added up too amounted
former previous
charming in an old fashioned way quaint
twisted with age gnarled
miserable wretched
too many to count innumerable
introduction preliminary
ones children descendants
playful mischievious
clear vivid
divider partition
marked by decay or decline decadent
not many left scarce
loving affectionate
tormented by something just out of reach tantalized
devoted to learning studious
Created by: talia meier