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Unit 3 Voc.


Entrepreneur Person who organizes, manages, takes risk of business
Adept Highly skilled; expert
Stint Amount of time spent
Presumptuous Too bold; overly confident
Erradicate To get rid of altogther; wipe out
Stringent Strictly controlled or enforced; strict, severe
Standardize To make consistent; cause to conform to a model
Encompass To include; contain
Homogeneous Made up of similar or identical parts; unvarying throughout
Serdid Indecent; morally low; corrupt
Rancor intense hatred or ill will; long-lasting resentment
Innocuous Harmless; inoffensive
Repugnant Offensive; distasteful; repulsive
Masochist Person who gains satisfaction from suffering from physical or psyhological pain
Flamboyant Very showy; strikingly bold
Foible A minor weakness or charater flaw
Recrimination An accusation made in response to an accuser; counterchange
Exhort To urge w/ arugement or strong advice
Magnanimous Noble to mind and sprit; forgiving
Meticulous Extremely careful and exact
Exacerbate To aggravate; make more severe
Mitigate To make less severe; relieve
Unprecedented never having occured before
Panacea Something that supposed to cure everything
Atropy To wear down, lose strength, or become weak
Deprivation Lack or shortage of one or more basic necessities
Imperative Necessary; urgent
Objective Based only on what can be obsevered
Utilitarian Made or intended for practical use
Deplore To feel or express disapproval of
Exhilaration Cheerfulness; high sprits
Extricate To free from a tangled situation or difficulty
Tenuous Having litttle substance or basis; poorly supported
Decorum Correctness in behavior and manners
Rejuvenate To make someone feel or seem young again
Espouse To support, argue for, or adopt
Synchronize To cause to occur at exactly the same time
Facilitate To make easier to do or to get
Orthodox Following established, traditional rules or beliefs
Exorbitant Excessive; in price; beyond what is reasonable
Vindicate To clear from blame or suspicion
Placebo Fake medicine
Emanate To flow or come out from a source
Analogy A comparasion b/w two things in order to clearify
Subversive Acting or intending to undermine or overthrow something established
Criterion A standard by which something is or can be judged
Annihilate To destroy completely reduce to nothingness
Staunch Frim; loyal; strong in support
Holistic Concerned w/ the whole
Proficient Skilled; highly competent
Created by: JaneaC18
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