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Unit 2 US and Canada

Spalding Academy Geography 2012

A high point or ridge that determines the direction rivers flow Divide
The source of river waters Headwaters
Smaller river or stream that feeds into a larger river Tributary
A boundary in the eastern US where the higher land of the Piedmont drops to the lower Atlantic coastal plain Fall line
Elevation above which it is too cold for trees to grow Timberline
Seasonal warm wind that blows down the Rockies in late winter and early spring Chinook
Violent thunderstorms that can spawn tornadoes Supercell
A large, powerful windstorm that forms over warm ocean waters Hurricane
A snowstorm with winds of more than 35 miles per hour, temperatures below freezing, and visibility of less than 500 get for 3 hours or more Blizzard
The movement of people into one country from another Immigration
The movement of people from rural areas into cities Urbanization
Region that includes a central city and its surrounding suburbs Metropolitan area
Outlying areas around a city Suburbs
A "super-city" that is made up of several large and small cities such as the area between Boston and Washington D.C. Megalopolis
Able to move from place to place Mobility
Form of government without a monarch in which people elect their officials Republic
Farming method used in dry regions in which land is plowed and planted deeply to hold water in soil Dry farming
A partially self-governing country with close ties to another country Dominion
Speaking or using two languages Bilingual
Level of education and income Socioeconomic status
The percentage of people in a given place who can read and write Literacy rate
Love for or devotion to one's country Patriotism
What is the population of the US? 307 million people
What is the population of Canada? 33 million people
What type of government do the US and Canada have? They are democracies with federal systems
Who is the leader of the US? Obama
Who is the leader of Canada? Stephen Harper
The congress of the US is made up of two houses. What are they called? Senate and House of Representatives
The Parliament of Canada is made up of two houses. What are they called? Senate and House of Commons
Name the four reasons why the climate in the West varies widely. Latitude, elevation, ocean currents, rainfall
Choose a type of climate in the US/Canada. Describe the climate and where it is Steppe/desert: Death Valley (134ºF), desert scrub/grassland
Name a type of pollution, where it is, what causes it, how to fix it. Example: Acid rain, forms from chemical emissions/cars, eastern US, improve air quality
What is Boswash an example of? A megalopolis
How are the population patterns of the US/Canada similar? Different? Both have low population density. US wide spread. Canada bunched up near border.
What are the advantages/disadvantages of living in a megalopolis? Yes: job, education, hospitals No: pollution, traffic, stress
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